The touch screen of my Crosscall Trekker-X4 does not work anymore

Sometimes the touch screen of your Crosscall Trekker-X4 doesn’t work anymore. Indeed, if you have dropped, whenever the touch screen has cracked, it may happen that the touch of Crosscall Trekker-X4 no longer functions at all. However without the touch of your mobile, it is incredibly difficult to do anything. That is why we therefore … Read more

How to read MMS on Crosscall Trekker-X4

Occasionally the Crosscall Trekker-X4 is not well configured and has problem reading MMS. In truth, it is possible that when you get an MMS on your Crosscall Trekker-X4, it offers you to download it. Also clicking download, it does not always read. Thus, to read MMS correctly and that they appear in your conversations, you … Read more

Setting up HotSpot or Tethering on Crosscall Trekker-X4

Sharing the net connection of Crosscall Trekker-X4 in wifi is an incredibly convenient feature on the Crosscall Trekker-X4. Certainly, putting the Crosscall Trekker-X4 in modem mode makes it possible to share the connection of the cellphone with your entourage or with your different devices. So, if you don’t have a suitable Wifi access where you … Read more

How to backup your Crosscall Trekker-X4

Making a backup of your Crosscall Trekker-X4 is an effective way to protect the contents of your phone in the event of mistakes. Indeed, the inconsistencies of life may occasionally trigger unexpected things in your Crosscall Trekker-X4. Imagine that you are doing a bad tricks or that your Crosscall Trekker-X4 is bugging … It will … Read more

How to root the Crosscall Trekker-X4

Root your Crosscall Trekker-X4 may be extremely helpful for a bunch of reasons. Indeed, whenever you want to customize the configurations or if you want to maximize the performance of your mobile phone, you should root your Crosscall Trekker-X4. Thus we will see first, what is the root of a mobile phone. In a second … Read more

My Crosscall Trekker-X4 turns off randomly

From time to time the Crosscall Trekker-X4 shuts off by itself and for no particular reason. It’s highly annoying, specifically when you’re doing something. Do not be anxious, the fact that your Crosscall Trekker-X4 automatically switching off does not necessarily mean that it has a trouble. There are in fact many possible causes for this … Read more

How to change font in Crosscall Trekker-X4

When you are tired of your Crosscall Trekker-X4’s classic font, you likely desire to change it. In truth, a minor personalization never hurts when ever it concerns font. Consequently, let’s see what is the procedure to change fonts and reason why it can differ depending on the mobile and the permissions it has. Truly, phones … Read more