How to activate NFC on OnePlus 9

The NFC is a quite new and practical technology. This technology is increasingly used on Android devices including the OnePlus 9. Due to the NFC it will be easy to do lots of things in many fields of activity. So we made the decision to write this content to rough the subject of the NFC … Read more

How to configure an APN on OnePlus 9

Maybe it happened to you when you travel abroad, or if you’ve changed operators, you can not connect to the net or can not send MMS. If that is the case, this is probably due to the APN configured on your OnePlus 9. So we therefore decided to draft this post to resolve this issue. … Read more

OnePlus 9 camera doesn’t work

You may have launched the camera on your OnePlus 9 and it shows an error text. Thus, in the event that the camera of your OnePlus 9 no longer functions, regrettably you can no longer take pictures. To resolve this problem, we decided to describe to you the steps to follow so that the camera … Read more

OnePlus 9 Wifi keeps disconnecting

The wifi connection of the OnePlus 9 is almost fundamental. In fact, it can be because of her that you will be able to have access to internet and carry out tasks that need wifi, such as the app update. That’s why it can be always a hassle once the wifi of your OnePlus 9 … Read more

The OnePlus 9 screen wont turn on anymore

It may happen that we want to utilise his OnePlus 9 and the screen does not turn on anymore. When ever this happens, it truly is incredibly irritating because without a screen, the OnePlus 9 is unusable. So that is the sort of trouble that needs to be fixed relatively quickly. But do not get … Read more

How to take a screenshot on OnePlus 9

Taking a screenshot on his OnePlus 9 is really useful in a lot of circumstances. Whether to take a screenshot of a Snapchat that a colleague sent you or to save a web page found on the net. It is actually therefore necessary today to know how to make a screenshot on your OnePlus 9. … Read more

Unlock a forgotten pattern lock on OnePlus 9

It sometimes happens that we forget the pattern lock that we had configured on his OnePlus 9. When this happens, the lock screen of the smartphone remains blocked because we can not do the right pattern lock again. If this happens to you, do not worry, your contact is not forever blocked. There are solutions … Read more

How to put the SD card in the OnePlus 9

Adding an SD card on his OnePlus 9 is not always easy to do. Certainly, it sometimes happens that we cannot find the location to insert the SD card on the OnePlus 9. But, add an SD card on your OnePlus 9 is crucial if you wish to add memory to your mobile. Thus, we … Read more

How to change the OnePlus 9 ringtone

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Import contacts to OnePlus 9

When you have just acquired a OnePlus 9, you will probably desire to import your contacts to it. In fact, it is much easier to import his contacts on the OnePlus 9, rather than replicate them by hand. According to how you saved your contacts, there are several methods to import contacts to your OnePlus … Read more

How to hide his number on OnePlus 9

When you want to call somebody in a hidden number, you should hide the number on your OnePlus 9. This process is quite practical because it enables you to call somebody without the person can recognize the number. Thus, if you want to call anonymously, it will be possible to hide your number on your … Read more

How to save OnePlus 9 contacts

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How to change PIN code on OnePlus 9

Changing the OnePlus 9 PIN is essential if you wish to secure your cellphone. Certainly, the PIN code is a 4-digit security code that allows you to restrict access to the SIM card. So, in case of theft or loss of your OnePlus 9, the person who has your mobile won’t be able to utilize … Read more

How to read MMS on OnePlus 9

Occasionally the OnePlus 9 is not well configured and has trouble reading MMS. Certainly, it’s possible that once you get an MMS on your OnePlus 9, it offers you to download it. Also clicking download, it does not always read. Thus, to read MMS correctly and that they appear in your conversations, you have to … Read more

OnePlus 9: Unrecognized SIM card

You have just purchased an OnePlus 9 and when you turn it on, it displays the following error text message: SIM card not recognized. At times the OnePlus 9 does not recognize the SIM card and displays this message. In this circumstance, it is not necessarily necessary to bring the OnePlus 9 directly back. In … Read more

OnePlus 9: Wifi Authentication Problem

Oftentimes, the OnePlus 9 displays the Authentication Problem message when ever you try to connect to a Wi-Fi network. This kind of error message can possibly be caused by a lot of places. So, so that you may connect properly to the Wifi network with your OnePlus 9, we decided to produce this guide. So … Read more

How to set call forwarding on OnePlus 9

Call forwarding on the OnePlus 9 is an incredibly helpful feature. Certainly, any time you are in a situation where you want to transfer phone calls from one number to a further number, this guidebook is for you. If it is to divert calls from your business cellphone to your OnePlus 9 or simply transfer … Read more

Track And Find the OnePlus 9

Having the ability to track her OnePlus 9 is useful in many cases. In the first circumstance, in case you have lost your OnePlus 9, it will likely be essential to track it in order to find it. In a different circumstance, in the event you were robbed of your mobile phone, it may perhaps … Read more

How to backup your OnePlus 9

Making a backup of your OnePlus 9 is the easiest way to protect the contents of your phone in the event of cheats. Truly, the vagaries of life can easily sometimes trigger unpredicted things in your OnePlus 9. Imagine that you are doing a bad manipulation or that your OnePlus 9 is bugging … It … Read more

How to root the OnePlus 9

Root your OnePlus 9 can be highly convenient for a bunch of causes. Indeed, if perhaps you wish to customize the settings or if you wish to increase the performance of your cellphone, you must root your OnePlus 9. Consequently we will discover at the beginning, what’s the root of a phone. In a secondary … Read more

How to install apps on OnePlus 9

Downloading and installing an app on the OnePlus 9 is certainly vital. Really, apps are small softwares that can considerably facilitate our life on a smartphone. There are apps for anything, whether it is for pleasure, to check email or bank accounts, there is always an app for what you want to do. We will … Read more

My OnePlus 9 turns off randomly

Sometimes the OnePlus 9 shuts off by itself and for no particular reason. It’s extremely frustrating, specifically when you’re doing something. Don’t get worried, the fact that your OnePlus 9 automatically switching off does not necessarily mean that it has a problem. You will find in fact many possible causes for this phenomenon. We will … Read more

How to fix OnePlus 9 black screen

Occasionally the display screen of OnePlus 9 remains black. This problem can happen in many circumstances. Often it happens after the OnePlus 9 falls. Other times, the screen remains black after a start, lock, or sleep. No matter the reason, don’t be anxious, you will discover many techniques to repair the black screen of your … Read more

How to factory reset your OnePlus 9

Factory Reset your OnePlus 9 could be very beneficial for a lot of reasons. It is sometimes necessary to reset your OnePlus 9 to the factory settings to get a brand-new mobile phone. Bear in mind that resetting a mobile phone is not a highly complicated action to do. However, you should still be cautious … Read more

How to copy paste on OnePlus 9

Understanding how to copy paste text on the OnePlus 9 is unquestionably important. Indeed, there is nothing more practical than copy paste. We imagine that you do not desire to re-write each time. It really is for this reason that we decided to get this little guide to learn steps to make a copy paste … Read more

How to change theme on OnePlus 9

Changing the theme of OnePlus 9 is a incredibly good way to customize and improve the ergonomic of your telephone. Indeed, if you’re fed up with the original theme or when you’re suffering that your OnePlus 9 is similar to all of those other telephones, replacing the theme is a very good option. If you … Read more

How to change wallpaper on OnePlus 9

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How to change font in OnePlus 9

When you are fed up with your OnePlus 9’s initial font, you likely wish to change it. Truly, a minor modification never hurts when ever it concerns font. Consequently, let’s find what is the technique to change fonts and reason why it can vary depending on the mobile phone and the rights it has. Certainly, … Read more

How to Change language on OnePlus 9

In cases where you bought your OnePlus 9 overseas or if just a good friend made you a joke, you most likely wish to change the language of your OnePlus 9. Certainly, it is always more enjoyable to use its OnePlus 9 when it is in a language that we know. Therefore, we will discover … Read more

Add a photo to contacts on OnePlus 9

Adding a photo on the contacts of its OnePlus 9 will make the utilization of the telephone significantly more pleasant. That’s right, it is definitely more pleasurable to see a photo when you are called, than the usual simple name. So if you wish to see the photos of your father, your sweetheart, your girlfriend, … Read more