Import contacts to Blackview BL5100 Pro

When you have just purchased a Blackview BL5100 Pro, you will perhaps want to import your contacts to it. Actually, it is much easier to import his contacts on the Blackview BL5100 Pro, rather than copy them yourself. Depending on how you saved your contacts, there are several methods to import contacts to your Blackview … Read more

How to read MMS on Blackview BL5100 Pro

Occasionally the Blackview BL5100 Pro is not well configured and has trouble reading MMS. In fact, it’s possible that when you get an MMS on your Blackview BL5100 Pro, it offers you to download it. Also clicking download, it does not always read. Thus, to read MMS properly and that they appear in your conversations, … Read more

How to backup your Blackview BL5100 Pro

Making a backup of the Blackview BL5100 Pro is the correct way to secure the contents of your mobile in the event of glitches. Certainly, the inconsistencies of life may occasionally trigger unexpected things in your Blackview BL5100 Pro. Suppose you are doing a bad manipulation or that your Blackview BL5100 Pro is bugging … … Read more

How to root the Blackview BL5100 Pro

Root your Blackview BL5100 Pro may be very helpful for a multitude of causes. In truth, if you wish to customize the configurations or if you need to boost the performance of your mobile phone, you need to root your Blackview BL5100 Pro. So we will see at the beginning, what’s the root of a … Read more

How to change font in Blackview BL5100 Pro

If you’re fed up with your Blackview BL5100 Pro’s initial font, you likely want to change it. Certainly, a small customization never hurts when ever it comes to font. So, let’s discover what’s the procedure to change fonts and why it may vary depending on the mobile and the permissions it has. Truly, devices have … Read more