The touch screen of my Samsung Galaxy XCover does not work anymore

Occasionally the touch screen of your Samsung Galaxy XCover doesn’t work anymore. Indeed, if you have dropped, in cases where the touch screen has cracked, it may possibly happen that the touch of Samsung Galaxy XCover no longer functions at all. Nevertheless without the touch of your telephone, it’s very difficult to do anything. That … Read more

How to backup your Samsung Galaxy XCover

Making a backup of your Samsung Galaxy XCover is an effective way to secure the contents of your cellphone in case of mistakes. In fact, the inconsistencies of life can occasionally trigger unpredicted things in your Samsung Galaxy XCover. Suppose you are doing a bad manipulation or that your Samsung Galaxy XCover is bugging … … Read more

How to root the Samsung Galaxy XCover

Root your Samsung Galaxy XCover may be very convenient for a bunch of causes. Indeed, in the event that you wish to customize the configurations or if you desire to enhance the performance of your cellphone, you will have to root your Samsung Galaxy XCover. Thus we will discover at first, what is the root … Read more

My Samsung Galaxy XCover turns off randomly

From time to time the Samsung Galaxy XCover shuts off by itself and for no particular reason. It’s highly irritating, especially when you’re doing something. Don’t get worried, the fact that your Samsung Galaxy XCover automatically switching off does not necessarily mean that it has a issue. You will find in fact many possible explanations … Read more

How to change theme on Samsung Galaxy XCover

Changing the theme of Samsung Galaxy XCover is a wonderful manner to customize and make improvements to the ergonomic of your telephone. Truly, if you’re bored with the original theme or when you are frustrated that your Samsung Galaxy XCover seems similar to all of those other mobile phones, replacing the theme is a great … Read more

How to change font in Samsung Galaxy XCover

When you are fed up with your Samsung Galaxy XCover’s original font, you probably wish to change it. Indeed, a tiny modification never hurts when it involves font. Consequently, let’s find what is the technique to change fonts and reason why it can differ depending on the telephone and the permissions it has. Truly, cell … Read more