Import contacts to Caterpillar CAT S60

When you have just purchased a Caterpillar CAT S60, you will probably need to import your contacts to it. Indeed, it is much easier to import his contacts on the Caterpillar CAT S60, rather than replicate them by hand. According to how you saved your contacts, there are several solutions to import contacts to your … Read more

How to change the Caterpillar CAT S60 ringtone

Changing the ringtone of your Caterpillar CAT S60 is crucial if you’d like to personalize your Caterpillar CAT S60. Indeed, you might be tired of the original ringtone of your Caterpillar CAT S60. Therefore, it’s possible to change the ringtone and even put one of your music. We will see first the technique to change … Read more

Caterpillar CAT S60 camera doesn’t work

You may have launched the camera on your Caterpillar CAT S60 and it displays an error text. Thus, if perhaps the camera of your Caterpillar CAT S60 no longer works, unfortunately you’re able to no longer take pictures. To fix this problem, we therefore decided to describe to you the steps to follow so that … Read more

How to update Caterpillar CAT S60

Updating Android on your Caterpillar CAT S60 is a necessary operation if you need your phone to be on top of its efficiency. Indeed, the updates allow to bring a wide range of things that will make the use of your Caterpillar CAT S60 more nice. However, it is not constantly simple to update the … Read more