Transfer iphone contacts to HTC

If you’re tired of Iphones and desire to switch to Android, the transition to HTC can occasionally be difficult. Indeed, in the event you switch from an Iphone to an HTC, you must transfer the list of contacts. As it’s not possible to copy every thing by hand, we will see how you can transfer … Read more

Transfer photos from HTC to PC or Mac

It truly is important that you can transfer the pretty photos you have taken with your HTC, to your laptop or your Macintosh. In fact, whether it’s simply to save the photos or to retouch them, you’ll have to transfer them to the laptop or the Mac. To transfer photos from your HTC, there are … Read more

Turn OFF Keyboard Vibrations On HTC

Whenever you are using an HTC, you will have remarked that it is vibrating when you use the keyboard. Every time you press a key, the mobile phone starts vibrating. For a certain number of people, the vibrations of the keyboard are frustrating and can irritate the user. There are a lot of methods to … Read more

HTC: Unrecognized SIM card

You have just acquired an HTC and when you turn it on, it displays the following error text: SIM card not recognized. Sometimes the HTC does not recognize the SIM card and displays this message. In this circumstance, it is not necessarily necessary to bring the HTC directly back. In fact, there are a lot … Read more

HTC: Wifi Authentication Problem

From time to time, the HTC displays the Authentication Problem message when you try to connect to a Wi-Fi network. This kind of error message can potentially be caused by many places. So, so that you can actually connect properly to the Wifi network with your HTC, we decided to write this guide. So we … Read more

Track And Find the HTC

Having the capacity to track her HTC is useful in a great many situations. In the 1st case, when you have lost your HTC, it will be necessary to track it in order to find it. In a different case, in the event you were robbed of your mobile phone, it could possibly be interesting … Read more

Setting up HotSpot or Tethering on HTC

Sharing the web connection of HTC in wifi is a very convenient feature on the HTC. In truth, putting the HTC in modem mode can help you to share the connection of the telephone with your entourage or with your other devices. So, in case you don’t have a suitable Wifi access where you are, … Read more

Set up Direct Wifi on HTC

Direct Wifi can be an extremely good way to exchange files with your HTC. Certainly, Direct Wifi is perhaps the quickest method to exchange documents without using a cable. So if you wish to find out how you can make use of the HTC direct Wifi, let’s see how it functions in this article. We … Read more

Read and edit Pdf, Doc or Excel files on HTC

Having the capacity to open and play a document on its HTC is now very practical. Indeed, in cases where you get an attachment to a email, it practices to be able to read it on its HTC. Whether it is actually a PDF file, a Doc document or an Excel document, it is possible … Read more

Move apps to SD card on HTC

From time to time applications that are installed on the HTC take up a lot of space. It can be therefore very beneficial to be able to move the applications to the SD card of your HTC. In fact, this allows to free up storage space on the cellphone. To get this done, there are … Read more

Make a video call on HTC

Make a video call with an HTC is very convenient. Certainly, it is a perfect solution if you need to see the face of everyone you call. In case you call someone who is on the other side of the globe, it’s always great to observe his face. Because of the front camera of the … Read more

How to update HTC

Updating Android on your HTC is a important operation if you want your smartphone to be on top of its performance. In truth, the updates allow to bring a wide range of things that will make the use of your HTC more pleasurable. Nonetheless, it is not constantly easy to update the HTC if you … Read more

How to turn on 3G or 4G on HTC

If you would like to have access to the web on your HTC, you will need to use the 3G or 4G network. It sometimes occurs for one reason or another that the 4G or 3G network of the HTC is deactivated. In this case, it is impossible for the smartphone to connect to the … Read more

How to transfer music to HTC

New telephones like the HTC now allow you to listen to music. Thus, the smartphone have gradually replaced the MP3 player. Indeed, it is now super easy to transfer and listen to music on its HTC. However, it truly is at times a little bit challenging to find the appropriate method to transfer all his … Read more

How to save the battery on HTC

Saving the battery of XXX can be a great solution in the event you always find yourself running on battery on your XXX. In fact, by the time that runs and in view of the frequency of use of our telephones, saving a little battery is not a luxury. Everybody was already out of battery … Read more

How to record calls on HTC

Recording a smartphone conversation can be incredibly helpful in a number of circumstances. Whether you wish to re-listen or retain it, it is always practical to record calls on your HTC. On the other hand, the HTC does not natively provide the conversation recording and thus it will ought to go through an application to … Read more

How to open and remove the shell on HTC

Opening the HTC and removing its hull might be an incredibly useful operation in a great many circumstances. If you want to insert a SIM card or an SD memory card, you might have to turn off the cover and open the HTC. Opening the HTC is also required when you wish to remove the … Read more

How to insert the SIM card on HTC

Inserting the SIM card into your HTC is important if you need to use your mobile phone. Certainly, the SIM card enables your HTC to be able to connect to the mobile network and for that reason to make phone calls. Nevertheless, in the event you just bought your HTC, it is actually not always … Read more

How To Get Emojis On HTC

The emojis are present in all our discussions. Indeed, if you need to send a message with your HTC, it is always nice to embellish it with a great emojis. An emoji will allow you to visually send an email to anyone. So , if you’d like to be able to customize your communications on … Read more

How To Delete Browser History on HTC

Delete the history of its HTC is a incredibly practical procedure. In fact, this allows to erase the footprints of its past navigations. Whether it is to sell your mobile phone, or simply to avoid being targeted by advertisements, delete the history of your HTC is fairly easy. There are many ways to clear the … Read more

How to change the ringtone on HTC

Changing the ringtone of your HTC is crucial if you want to customize your HTC. In fact, you may perhaps be sick and tired of the initial ringtone of your HTC. It is therefore possible to modify the ringtone and even to set one of your music in ringtone. We will observe 1st tips on … Read more

How to Backup Messages on HTC

TEXT MESSAGE is today probably the most used method of communication. So, it is an entire part of our life that is found in our TEXT MESSAGE discussions. Thus, whether to keep a track or to keep a memory, it is possible to save the SMS of your HTC. For this we will discover that … Read more

How to print with HTC

Printing a document from its HTC is particularly useful. Now that you can actually open all types of files from your cellphone, you can actually likewise print them. Moreover, it is often more simple to print something from the cellphone. So, no need to take his laptop. So we will discover in this guide how … Read more

How to increase the HTC volume

Occasionally, the basic volume of the XXX doesn’t be enough for the use you desire to do with it. In fact, cell phones like the XXX have a clamping at the level of the volume. Thus, the European legislation pressure the manufacturer to restrain the volume of their smartphone. Thus, the XXX has an original … Read more

How to fix HTC Overheating issues

In some cases the HTC overheats and is hot when touched. Do not worry, this does not imply that your HTC has a problem. In truth, it is actually quite common that a smartphone overheats and this may sourced from lots of things. So, there are many causes and factors that may induce the HTC … Read more

Fix Blurry Pictures On HTC

It oftentimes occurs without a reason that the pictures of HTC are blurred. This is a rather bothersome trouble because it prevents us from taking beautiful pictures. Certainly, it truly is impossible to take a suitable picture in the event that the picture is all blurred. Do not be afraid, we may perhaps be the … Read more

Connect the HTC to the PC or Mac

Connecting your HTC to the PC or Macintosh is a actually useful process for many circumstances. If you wish to transfer pictures to your HTC, if you want to transfer your contacts, or if you want to copy files to the HTC, you will need to connect the mobile to your DESKTOP or Macintosh. That’s … Read more

Change the Text Message Ringtone on HTC

Changing the SMS ringtone of your HTC is crucial if you wish to be able to differentiate your smartphone. Certainly, like most mobile phones on the market, the HTC is under Android. Therefore, everyone has similar ringtone for his messages. So sometimes it happens that you don’t know who the smartphone is. So, we will … Read more

Change the alarm ringtone on HTC

It typically happens that we get sick and tired with the ringing of the alarm of HTC. In fact, constantly having the same alarm bell is somewhat tiresome. So if you want to wake up with a slightly diverse ringtone, we will see in this guide how to change the ringtone of your alarm clock … Read more

Bluetooth problem on HTC

Bluetooth is a really great technology for connecting devices to your wireless HTC. Nevertheless, it may happen that we have problems connecting with the bluetooth of HTC. Whether it is to connect the HTC to a Bluetooth speaker, your car’s head-set or just to your headphones, we will observe how you can solve the potential … Read more

Block anonymous calls on HTC

Knowing tips on how to block hidden calls you receive on your HTC is paramount. Indeed, you might have happened to get calls from an unknown number in an interesting way. Whether it is actually cellphone prospecting or someone who harasses you, it is actually annoying to receive hidden calls on its HTC. So, to … Read more

My HTC turns off randomly

Sometimes the HTC shuts off by itself and for no special reason. It’s very irritating, specifically when you are doing something. Don’t be anxious, the fact that your HTC automatically switching off does not necessarily mean that it has a problem. There are in fact many possible factors for this happening. We will therefore see … Read more

How to fix HTC black screen

Occasionally the screen of HTC remains black. This situation may occur in many circumstances. Sometimes it happens after the HTC falls. Other times, the screen remains black after a start, lock, or sleep. Whatever the case, do not worry, you will find several techniques to resolve the black screen of your HTC. For that, it’s … Read more

How to fix a water damaged on HTC

Whether in the wc or in a swimming pool, it sometimes occurs that the HTC is dropped into the water. Nonetheless, it is not simply because a cellphone has fallen into the water that it is unavoidably dead. In fact, it is feasible to redo an HTC that has fallen into the water. To accomplish … Read more

Fix insufficient storage available on HTC

If your HTC’s memory is full, you can not install an app or copy files. Indeed, it sometimes happens that there is no more room on the memory of your HTC. Do not worry, it is very easy to free up storage space on the HTC. We will discover in this article how to free … Read more

How to Change language on HTC

In the event that you got your HTC overseas or if just a good friend made you a joke, you probably need to change the language of your HTC. In fact, it’s always more pleasant to use its HTC when ever it is in a language that we know. Therefore, we will see in this … Read more

Add a photo to contacts on HTC

Adding a photo on the contacts of its HTC makes the utilization of the mobile phone considerably more enjoyable. That’s right, it is usually more pleasant to see a photo when you are called, compared to a simple name. If you desire to see the photos of your father, your boyfriend, your fiancee, or your … Read more

How to install apps on HTC

Downloading and installing an app on the HTC is unquestionably vital. Really, apps are tiny softwares that can enormously facilitate our life on a smart phone. There are apps for all sorts of things, whether it is for entertainment, to check email or bank accounts, there is necessarily an app for what you need to … Read more

How to factory reset your HTC

Factory Reset your HTC can be truly beneficial for a bunch of reasons. It is often required to reset your HTC to the factory settings to get a brand-new mobile. Be aware that resetting a mobile is not a highly difficult action to accomplish. However, you should still be careful about a few stuff before … Read more

Transfer photos from HTC to PC or Mac

It is essential to have the ability to transfer the pretty photos you have taken with your HTC, to your computer or your Mac. Whether it’s just to conserve the photos or to retouch them, you’ll need to transfer them to the computer or the Mac. To copy photos from your HTC, there are many … Read more