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If your HTC’s memory is full, you can not install an app or copy files. Indeed, it sometimes happens that there is no more room on the memory of your HTC. Do not worry, it is very easy to free up storage space on the HTC. We will discover in this article how to free up memory, if the memory is over loaded. We will discover in the first of all place why the memory is saturated. We will discover in a second step ways to free storage space on your HTC. Finally, we will discover how to increase the memory of your phone.insufficient-storage-HTC

The memory of HTC is saturated

If you discover the following message: Insufficient storage space means that the HTC’s memory is full. You will find a number of feasible explanations why your memory is saturated. This could possibly be because of too many photos or music. You may additionally have installed too many applications on your HTC. If you desire to install applications or save files to your HTC, you must free up memory.

How to fix insufficient storage available on HTC

There are a number of methods to free up storage space on your HTC. The following is a list of feasible procédures:

  • Uninstall apps you no longer need
  • Take out cache from particular apps that take up too much space
  • Copy your pics and video clips to your laptop to free up memory
  • Move your data to SD card or cloud
  • Transfer your images to the HTC SD card
  • Move applications to the SD card

To free up memory on your HTC, you will find also applications like CCleaner that can make your life much easier. Furthermore, this sort of app will let you to see how the memory usage is distributed over the phone.

Ways to increase the memory of HTC

If you do not know what to delete to make room on your HTC, know that you can increase memory. To achieve this, you simply need to buy an SD card if you do not already have one. If you already have 1, you can buy 1 with a larger memory.