OnePlus 10T: Unrecognized SIM card

You have just purchased an OnePlus 10T and when you turn it on, it displays the following error message: SIM card not recognized. Oftentimes the OnePlus 10T does not recognize the SIM card and displays this message. In this case, it is not necessarily necessary to bring the OnePlus 10T directly back. In truth, there … Read more

OnePlus 10T: Wifi Authentication Problem

At times, the OnePlus 10T displays the Authentication Problem message when you try to connect to a Wi-Fi network. This kind of error message can potentially be caused by many places. So, so that you can actually connect properly to the Wifi network with your OnePlus 10T, we decided to produce this guide. So we … Read more

How to set call forwarding on OnePlus 10T

Call forwarding on the OnePlus 10T is an extremely helpful feature. Certainly, if you are in a situation where you need to transfer calls from one number to a further number, this guidebook is for you. Regardless it is to divert calls from your business cellphone to your OnePlus 10T or only transfer calls from … Read more

Track And Find the OnePlus 10T

Having the capacity to locate her OnePlus 10T is useful in several situations. In the 1st case, if you have lost your OnePlus 10T, it will likely be fundamental to track it in order to find it. In a different case, if you were robbed of your phone, it could possibly be interesting to locate … Read more

How to backup your OnePlus 10T

Making a backup of your OnePlus 10T is the easiest way to secure the contents of your phone in case of glitches. Certainly, the inconsistencies of life can easily sometimes cause unpredicted things in your OnePlus 10T. Suppose you are doing a bad manipulation or that your OnePlus 10T is bugging … It will then … Read more

How to root the OnePlus 10T

Root your OnePlus 10T may be very handy for a bunch of reasons. In fact, in the event that you need to modify the configurations or if you wish to increase the performance of your mobile, you need to root your OnePlus 10T. So we will find out at first, what’s the root of a … Read more

How to install apps on OnePlus 10T

Downloading and installing an app on the OnePlus 10T is absolutely important. Certainly, apps are tiny softwares that can greatly help us on a smart phone. There are apps for all, whether it is for pleasure, to check email or bank accounts, there is always an app for what you need to do. We will … Read more

My OnePlus 10T turns off randomly

Sometimes the OnePlus 10T shuts off by itself and for no particular reason. It’s extremely annoying, especially when you’re doing something. Do not be anxious, the fact that your OnePlus 10T automatically switching off does not necessarily mean that it has a issue. There are in fact many possible reasons for this happening. We will … Read more

How to fix OnePlus 10T black screen

Sometimes the screen of OnePlus 10T remains black. This problem may occur in many situations. Sometimes it happens after the OnePlus 10T falls. Other times, the screen remains black after a start, lock, or sleep. In any case, don’t be anxious, there are several tips to repair the black screen of your OnePlus 10T. For … Read more

How to fix a water damaged on OnePlus 10T

Whether in the toilet or in a swimming pool, it occasionally occurs that the OnePlus 10T is slipped into the water. However, it’s not simply because a mobile has fallen into the water that it’s undoubtedly dead. Certainly, it is possible to redo an OnePlus 10T that has fallen into the water. To accomplish this, … Read more

How to factory reset your OnePlus 10T

Factory Reset your OnePlus 10T may be highly useful for a bunch of causes. It is often necessary to reset your OnePlus 10T to the factory settings to find a new cellphone. Bear in mind that resetting a cellphone is not a very complicated action to accomplish. On the other hand, you should nonetheless be … Read more

How to copy paste on OnePlus 10T

Understanding how to copy paste textual content on the OnePlus 10T is unquestionably fundamental. In fact, there is certainly nothing more practical than copy paste. We imagine that you do not wish to re-write each time. It really is for this purpose that we made the decision to generate this tiny guide to discover how … Read more

How to change theme on OnePlus 10T

Changing the theme of OnePlus 10T is a superb method to customize and boost the ergonomic of your telephone. Truly, if you’re fed up with the main theme or in case you are sick and tired that your OnePlus 10T seems similar to all of those other mobile phones, changing the theme is a very … Read more

How to change wallpaper on OnePlus 10T

It could happen that you desire to customize your OnePlus 10T. For this, it will be easy to change the wallpaper of your OnePlus 10T. Indeed, you maybe are bored to death by the basic wallpaper of the phone. We will discover on this page, that it can be extremely uncomplicated to change the wallpaper … Read more

How to change font in OnePlus 10T

If you’re tired of your OnePlus 10T’s basic font, you probably desire to change it. Certainly, a small personalization never hurts when ever it involves font. Thus, let’s see what’s the technique to change fonts and reason why it may differ depending on the mobile and the rights it has. Indeed, cell phones have more … Read more

Set up Direct Wifi on OnePlus 10T

Direct Wifi might be a really good way to exchange files with your OnePlus 10T. In truth, Direct Wifi is probably the quickest way to exchange files without using a cable. So if you need to find out the right way to utilize the OnePlus 10T direct Wifi, let’s see how it works in this … Read more

Move apps to SD card on OnePlus 10T

In some cases applications that are installed on the OnePlus 10T take up a lot of space. It truly is for that reason very beneficial in order to move the applications to the SD card of your OnePlus 10T. Indeed, this allows to totally free up storage space on the phone. To do this, there … Read more

Make a video call on OnePlus 10T

Make a video call with an OnePlus 10T is quite handy. Indeed, it is a perfect solution if you would like to see the face of everyone you call. In the event you call someone who is on the other side of the globe, it can be always good to discover his face. Thanks to … Read more

How to update OnePlus 10T

Updating Android on your OnePlus 10T is a important operation if you wish your telephone to be on top of its performance. In fact, the updates allow to bring a multitude of things that will make the use of your OnePlus 10T more nice. However, it is not always simple to update the OnePlus 10T … Read more

How to transfer music to OnePlus 10T

New phones like the OnePlus 10T now allow you to listen to music. So, the smartphone have slowly but surely substituted the MP3 player. Certainly, it is now easy to transfer and listen to music on its OnePlus 10T. However, it is actually occasionally a bit challenging to find the appropriate technique to transfer all … Read more

How to record calls on OnePlus 10T

Recording a smartphone call can be incredibly helpful in a quantity of circumstances. Whether you wish to re-listen or retain it, it’s always useful to record calls on your OnePlus 10T. Nonetheless, the OnePlus 10T does not natively provide the conversation recording and so it will ought to go through an applis to do this. … Read more

How to print with OnePlus 10T

Printing a file from its OnePlus 10T is really practical. Now that you can open all types of files from your smartphone, you can likewise print them. In addition, it is generally more convenient to print something from the mobile. Thus, no need to take his pc. So we will see in this tutorial how … Read more

How To Get Emojis On OnePlus 10T

The emojis are present in every our conversations. Indeed, if you want to send a message with your OnePlus 10T, it is actually always nice to embellish it with an emojis. An emoji allows you to visually send a message to anyone. So , if you wish to be able to customize your communications on … Read more

Fix Blurry Pictures On OnePlus 10T

It occasionally happens for no reason that the pictures of OnePlus 10T are blurry. This is a rather frustrating problem mainly because it prevents us from taking beautiful pictures. Certainly, it truly is impossible to take a suitable picture if the picture is all blurred. Do not be afraid, we might be the answer for … Read more