How to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Root your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 may be extremely handy for a multitude of causes. In truth, whenever you wish to modify the settings or if you want to enhance the performance of your cellphone, you should root your Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Consequently we will discover initially, what’s the root of a mobile phone. … Read more

My Samsung Galaxy Note 20 turns off randomly

Sometimes the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 shuts off by itself and for no special reason. It’s extremely annoying, especially when you’re doing something. Don’t worry, the fact that your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 automatically switching off does not necessarily mean that it has a problem. You will find in fact many possible explanations for this … Read more

How to change font in Samsung Galaxy Note 20

If you are tired of your Samsung Galaxy Note 20’s original font, you certainly wish to change it. Certainly, a small personalization never hurts when ever it concerns font. Thus, let’s see what’s the technique to change fonts and reason why it can differ depending on the mobile and the permissions it has. Indeed, mobile … Read more