How to backup your OnePlus Nord CE

Making a backup of the OnePlus Nord CE is the best way to protect the contents of your mobile in case of cheats. Certainly, the inconsistencies of life can easily occasionally cause unexpected things in your OnePlus Nord CE. Imagine that you are doing a bad tricks or that your OnePlus Nord CE is bugging … Read more

How to root the OnePlus Nord CE

Root your OnePlus Nord CE may be highly useful for a multitude of causes. Indeed, whenever you wish to modify the settings or if you desire to increase the performance of your mobile, you should root your OnePlus Nord CE. Therefore we will see at first, what’s the root of a mobile phone. In a … Read more

How to install apps on OnePlus Nord CE

Downloading and installing an app on the OnePlus Nord CE is certainly important. Indeed, apps are small softwares that can significantly help us on a phone. There are apps for everything, whether it is for entertainment, to check email or bank accounts, there is always an app for what you want to do. We will … Read more

How to fix OnePlus Nord CE black screen

Sometimes the display screen of OnePlus Nord CE stays black. This issue can appear in a lot of circumstances. Sometimes it happens after the OnePlus Nord CE falls. Other times, the screen stays black after a start, lock, or sleep. No matter the reason, do not worry, you will find several techniques to resolve the … Read more

How to copy paste on OnePlus Nord CE

Understanding how to copy paste text on your OnePlus Nord CE is completely important. Indeed, there is certainly nothing more practical than copy paste. We assume that you do not want to re-write every time. It is for this reason that we made the decision to generate this tiny article to learn how to make … Read more

How to change theme on OnePlus Nord CE

Changing the theme of OnePlus Nord CE is a great way to personalize and increase the ergonomic of your mobile. Certainly, if you’re bored with the classic theme or if you’re sick that your OnePlus Nord CE looks like the rest of the phones, changing the theme is a fantastic solution. When you change the … Read more

How to change font in OnePlus Nord CE

When you are sick of your OnePlus Nord CE’s original font, you definitely wish to change it. In truth, a tiny modification never hurts when ever it comes to font. Thus, let’s see what is the methodology to change fonts and reason why it may vary depending on the telephone and the permissions it has. … Read more

How to update OnePlus Nord CE

Updating Android on your OnePlus Nord CE is a required procedure if you want your cellphone to be on top of its efficiency. In fact, the updates allow to bring a wide range of things that will make the use of your OnePlus Nord CE more pleasant. Nonetheless, it is not constantly easy to update … Read more

How to record calls on OnePlus Nord CE

Recording a cellphone call can be extremely handy in a quantity of circumstances. If you want to re-listen or retain it, it’s always useful to record calls on your OnePlus Nord CE. However, the OnePlus Nord CE does not natively offer the conversation recording and thus it will have to go through an app to … Read more

How to print with OnePlus Nord CE

Printing a document from its OnePlus Nord CE is really practical. Now that you can open all types of files from your smartphone, you can likewise print them. In addition, it is typically more convenient to print something from the cellphone. So, no need to take his pc. So we will see in this guide … Read more

How To Get Emojis On OnePlus Nord CE

The emojis are present in any our discussions. Indeed, if you need to send a message with your OnePlus Nord CE, it’s always nice to embellish it with a great emojis. An emoji will allow you to visually send some text to anyone. So , if you need that you can customize your announcements on … Read more