Vivo X60 Pro: Unrecognized SIM card

You have just acquired an Vivo X60 Pro and when you turn it on, it displays the following error text message: SIM card not recognized. Occasionally the Vivo X60 Pro does not recognize the SIM card and displays this message. In this circumstance, it is not necessarily required to bring the Vivo X60 Pro directly … Read more

Vivo X60 Pro: Wifi Authentication Problem

Oftentimes, the Vivo X60 Pro displays the Authentication Problem message when you try to connect to a Wi-Fi network. This sort of error message can possibly be caused by a lot of places. So, so that you’re able to connect properly to the Wifi network with your Vivo X60 Pro, we decided to write this … Read more

Track And Find the Vivo X60 Pro

Having the capability to locate her Vivo X60 Pro is practical in several cases. In the first case, in case you have lost your Vivo X60 Pro, it are going to be crucial to track it in order to locate it. In another case, in case you were robbed of your smartphone, it could possibly … Read more

How to backup your Vivo X60 Pro

Making a backup of the Vivo X60 Pro is the correct way to protect the contents of your phone in case of cheats. In fact, the inconsistencies of life can certainly sometimes cause unpredicted things in your Vivo X60 Pro. Imagine that you are doing a bad manipulation or that your Vivo X60 Pro is … Read more

How to root the Vivo X60 Pro

Root your Vivo X60 Pro may be truly helpful for a lot of reasons. Indeed, in the event that you need to personalize the settings or if you wish to increase the performance of your telephone, you must root your Vivo X60 Pro. Consequently we will find out initially, what’s the root of a phone. … Read more

How to install apps on Vivo X60 Pro

Downloading and installing an app on the Vivo X60 Pro is absolutely necessary. Really, apps are tiny programs that can significantly help us on a phone. There are apps for all sorts of things, whether it is for entertainment, to check mailbox or bank accounts, there is always an app for what you want to … Read more

My Vivo X60 Pro turns off randomly

From time to time the Vivo X60 Pro shuts off by itself and for no particular reason. It’s very irritating, especially when you’re doing something. Don’t worry, the fact that your Vivo X60 Pro automatically switching off does not necessarily mean that it has a trouble. You will find in fact many possible factors for … Read more

How to fix Vivo X60 Pro black screen

From time to time the screen of Vivo X60 Pro stays black. This trouble can appear in a lot of situations. Occasionally it occurs after the Vivo X60 Pro falls. Other times, the screen stays black after a start, lock, or sleep. In any case, don’t worry, you will discover many tricks to fix the … Read more

How to factory reset your Vivo X60 Pro

Factory Reset your Vivo X60 Pro may be incredibly practical for a lot of causes. It is quite often necessary to reset your Vivo X60 Pro to the factory settings to get a brand new phone. Remember that resetting a phone is not a very complicated action to do. On the other hand, you should … Read more

How to copy paste on Vivo X60 Pro

Understanding how to copy paste text on the Vivo X60 Pro is really essential. In fact, there is certainly nothing more practical than copy paste. We suppose that you do not wish to re-write every time. It really is for this purpose that we decided to make this tiny tutorial to learn steps to make … Read more

How to change theme on Vivo X60 Pro

Changing the theme of Vivo X60 Pro is a superb method to customize and improve the ergonomic of your mobile. Certainly, if you are frustrated with the main theme or in case you are frustrated that your Vivo X60 Pro looks like all the other phones, changing the theme is a very good option. In … Read more

How to change wallpaper on Vivo X60 Pro

It sometimes happens that you desire to customize your Vivo X60 Pro. For this, you’ll be able to change the wallpaper of your Vivo X60 Pro. Indeed, you potentially are tired by the basic wallpaper of the cellphone. We will discover on this page, that it is truly uncomplicated to change the wallpaper of your … Read more

How to change font in Vivo X60 Pro

If you’re sick of your Vivo X60 Pro’s basic font, you likely desire to change it. In fact, a minor customization never hurts when it involves font. Consequently, let’s find what’s the methodology to change fonts and why it may differ depending on the cellphone and the permissions it has. In fact, phones have more … Read more

Set up Direct Wifi on Vivo X60 Pro

Direct Wifi may be a really good way to transfer files with your Vivo X60 Pro. In fact, Direct Wifi is perhaps the most effective solution to transfer documents without using a cable. So if you need to learn the right way to utilize the Vivo X60 Pro direct Wifi, let’s see how it works … Read more

Move apps to SD card on Vivo X60 Pro

From time to time applications that are installed on the Vivo X60 Pro take up a lot of space. It’s consequently very beneficial that you can move the applications to the SD card of your Vivo X60 Pro. In fact, this allows to totally free up storage space on the mobile phone. To do this, … Read more

Make a video call on Vivo X60 Pro

Make a video call with an Vivo X60 Pro is very practical. In truth, it is an ideal solution if you would like to see the face of everyone you call. In case you call someone who is on the other side of the globe, it is actually always good to discover his face. Due … Read more

How to update Vivo X60 Pro

Updating Android on your Vivo X60 Pro is a necessary operation if you wish your mobile phone to be on top of its efficiency. In fact, the updates allow to bring a wide range of things that will make the use of your Vivo X60 Pro more enjoyable. Nevertheless, it is not constantly simple to … Read more

How to transfer music to Vivo X60 Pro

New telephones like the Vivo X60 Pro at this point allow you to listen to music. So, the mobile phones have slowly but surely substituted the MP3 player. In fact, it is at this point quite simple to transfer and listen to music on its Vivo X60 Pro. However, it is sometimes a bit complicated … Read more

How to record calls on Vivo X60 Pro

Recording a cellphone conversation can be highly useful in a quantity of circumstances. If you wish to re-listen or retain it, it is always practical to record calls on your Vivo X60 Pro. Even so, the Vivo X60 Pro does not natively offer the conversation recording and thus it will ought to go through an … Read more

How to print with Vivo X60 Pro

Printing a document from its Vivo X60 Pro is highly useful. Now that you can actually open all types of files from your cellphone, you can actually likewise print them. In addition, it is generally more practical to print something from the mobile. Thus, no need to take his laptop. So we will see in … Read more

How to increase the Vivo X60 Pro volume

At times, the standard volume of the XXX will not suffice for the use you want to do with it. Certainly, phones such as the XXX have a clamping at the level of the volume. So, the European legislation pressure the manufacturer to restrain the volume of their smartphone. So, the XXX has an original … Read more

How To Get Emojis On Vivo X60 Pro

The emojis are present in any our conversations. Indeed, if you would like to send a message with your Vivo X60 Pro, it is actually always nice to embellish it with an emojis. An emoji allows you to visually send a communication to anyone. So , if you would like that you can customize your … Read more

Fix Blurry Pictures On Vivo X60 Pro

It oftentimes occurs without a reason that the photos of Vivo X60 Pro are blurred. This is a rather bothersome trouble mainly because it prevents us from taking gorgeous photos. Indeed, it’s impossible to take a suitable picture if the picture is all blurred. Do not be afraid, we might be the solution for you. … Read more