Import contacts to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

When you have just acquired a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you will probably want to import your contacts to it. Indeed, it is much easier to import his contacts on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, rather than replicate them by hand. According to how you saved your contacts, there are several ways to import contacts … Read more

How to update Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Updating Android on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a important procedure if you want your phone to be on top of its performance. Indeed, the updates allow to bring a wide range of things that will make the use of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge more enjoyable. Nevertheless, it is not constantly simple to … Read more

How to print with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Printing a file from its Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is highly practical. Now that you can actually open all types of files from your smartphone, you can actually as well print them. Moreover, it is typically more convenient to print something from the telephone. So, no need to take his pc. So we will see … Read more