Track And Find the Google Pixel 6a

Having the capability to track her Google Pixel 6a is practical in several cases. In the 1st circumstance, if you have lost your Google Pixel 6a, it will likely be crucial to track it to be able to find it. In a different circumstance, in case you were robbed of your telephone, it could be … Read more

How to backup your Google Pixel 6a

Making a backup of your Google Pixel 6a is the best way to protect the contents of your mobile phone in case of mistakes. Truly, the inconsistencies of life can certainly sometimes trigger unexpected things in your Google Pixel 6a. Suppose you are doing a bad tricks or that your Google Pixel 6a is bugging … Read more

How to root the Google Pixel 6a

Root your Google Pixel 6a can be truly useful for a bunch of reasons. Certainly, if you need to customize the settings or if you desire to boost the performance of your phone, you need to root your Google Pixel 6a. So we will see initially, what’s the root of a mobile phone. In a … Read more

How to install apps on Google Pixel 6a

Downloading and installing an application on the Google Pixel 6a is unquestionably necessary. Indeed, apps are little softwares that can tremendously facilitate our life on a cell phone. There are apps for all kinds of things, whether it is for entertainment, to check mailbox or bank accounts, there is automatically an application for what you … Read more

My Google Pixel 6a turns off randomly

Occasionally the Google Pixel 6a shuts off by itself and for no special reason. It’s highly irritating, especially when you’re doing something. Do not worry, the fact that your Google Pixel 6a automatically switching off does not necessarily mean that it has a trouble. There are in fact many possible causes for this phenomenon. We … Read more

How to fix Google Pixel 6a black screen

Occasionally the display screen of Google Pixel 6a remains black. This trouble may happen in many circumstances. Often it happens after the Google Pixel 6a falls. Other times, the screen remains black after a start, lock, or sleep. In any case, don’t be anxious, you will find several tips to repair the black screen of … Read more

How to copy paste on Google Pixel 6a

Knowing how to copy paste text on your Google Pixel 6a is unquestionably essential. In fact, there is nothing more useful than copy paste. We imagine that you do not wish to re-write each time. It really is for this purpose that we chose to make this small article to learn how to make a … Read more

How to change theme on Google Pixel 6a

Changing the theme of Google Pixel 6a is a incredibly good manner to customize and increase the ergonomic of your cellphone. In fact, when you are tired with the initial theme or when you’re sick that your Google Pixel 6a seems similar to all the other mobile phones, replacing the theme is a fantastic solution. … Read more

How to change font in Google Pixel 6a

When you are tired of your Google Pixel 6a’s original font, you most likely desire to change it. Truly, a minor modification never hurts when ever it concerns font. Thus, let’s discover what is the procedure to change fonts and reason why it may vary depending on the mobile phone and the permissions it has. … Read more

Set up Direct Wifi on Google Pixel 6a

Direct Wifi could be a really good way to exchange files with your Google Pixel 6a. In truth, Direct Wifi is perhaps the most effective solution to exchange files without utilizing a cable. So if you need to discover how to make use of the Google Pixel 6a direct Wifi, let’s see how it works … Read more

Move apps to SD card on Google Pixel 6a

Oftentimes applications that are installed on the Google Pixel 6a take up a lot of space. It is actually therefore very useful that you can move the applications to the SD card of your Google Pixel 6a. In fact, this allows to free up storage space on the telephone. To achieve this, there are two … Read more

How to update Google Pixel 6a

Updating Android on your Google Pixel 6a is a important operation if you would like your phone to be on top of its performance. In fact, the updates allow to bring a wide range of things that will make the use of your Google Pixel 6a more pleasant. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to … Read more

How to record calls on Google Pixel 6a

Recording a phone call can be incredibly practical in a number of situations. If you desire to re-listen or keep it, it’s always practical to record calls on your Google Pixel 6a. Nonetheless, the Google Pixel 6a doesn’t natively provide the conversation recording and so it will ought to go through an app to do … Read more

How to print with Google Pixel 6a

Printing a document from its Google Pixel 6a is highly useful. Now that you can actually open all types of files from your mobile phone, you can actually as well print them. Additionally, it is frequently more practical to print something from the cellphone. So, no need to take his computer. So we will discover … Read more

How To Get Emojis On Google Pixel 6a

The emojis are present in any our discussions. Indeed, if you want to send a message with your Google Pixel 6a, it’s always nice to embellish it with an emojis. An emoji will allow you to visually send a communication to anyone. So , if you want that you can customize your messages on the … Read more