Set up Direct Wifi on Fairphone 3

Direct Wifi might be an extremely good way to transfer files with your Fairphone 3. Indeed, Direct Wifi is probably the most effective method to transfer files without using a cable. So if you would like to find out the best technique use the Fairphone 3 direct Wifi, let’s see how it functions in this article. We will discover first what Wifi Direct is and what are its advantages. We will discover in a secondary step, how to discover in cases where the direct Wifi is available on your Fairphone 3 and how to activate it. At last, we will discover how to exchange files with a smartphone or a

What is the utilize of Wifi Direct on a Fairphone 3

Direct Wifi is not a fresh concept, but the latter is more and more interesting. The principle is straightforward, it consists of connecting two devices without cable. Direct Wifi uses it, as its name indicates Wifi to connect. What is new with this system is that you no longer have to go through a box or a rover to connect the devices, it can be completed live. So, with Wifi Direct, you can actually connect your Fairphone 3 to your TV, printer or pc.

Tips on how to activate Wifi Direct on your Fairphone 3

If you want to activate Wifi Direct on your Fairphone 3, it is incredibly basic. In truth, you will first have to go to the settings menu of your Fairphone 3. When you’re there, go to the Wifi tab. When on this page you should discover a Wifi Direct icon at the bottom of the screen or in the menu. When ever you press the icon, the Fairphone 3 will search for the other device to be connected. You must for that reason do precisely the same operation on the device you want to connect. If you prefer a more classic technique, have a look at our article to connect the Fairphone 3 to the LAPTOP or the Mac.

How to exchange files with your Fairphone 3 Direct Wifi

To exchange or download Wifi Direct files on your Fairphone 3, you can actually use the procedure seen above. That is, connect both devices by activating the Wifi Direct connection. All you have to do is to utilise the document explorer to transfer your images, videos or any other file.

Utilize an app to manage the connection using Wifi Direct

If you want a quick and basic solution to utilise the Fairphone 3 Wifi Direct with other devices, you can actually use the app SuperBeam . Thus, it will likely be easy for you to execute a transfer safely. To get this done, you should install SuperBean on both devices. When this is completed, you should select the document to be transferred and the app will then display a code or a QR code. By entering the code in the second device, the transfer will begin. With this app, it will be extremely easy to make transfers in Wifi Direct on the Fairphone 3.