Read and edit Pdf, Doc or Excel files on Realme C3

Being able to open and play a file on its Realme C3 is becoming extremely convenient. Truly, in the event that you receive an attachment to a mail, it practices to be able to read it on its Realme C3. Whether it can be a PDF file, a Doc file or an Excel file, it will be possible to open it, read it and also modify it on your Realme C3. We will find out that the method to read a file is diverse in accordance to its format. We will find out first of all the method to read a PDF file on your phone. We’ll find out ways to open Word files on your Realme C3. At last, we will find out ways to open an Excel spreadsheet.pdf-doc-excel-Realme-C3

Open, read and edit a pdf file on Realme C3

PDF format is among the most common formats for sharing documents. It’s for that reason important that you can read this kind of file with your Realme C3. Normally, there is currently an application that permits you to read PDFs on your Realme C3. The Google Drive app is normally installed by default on the phone. In case you desire a more powerful application for reading your pdf files, we highly recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader . In case you want to edit PDF files from your Realme C3, you can do so with the Adobe Fill And Sign application.

Open and read a Doc file on Realme C3

Doc files are utilized by the Word software. So if you want to read the Word files on your Realme C3, you can use the Adobe Acrobat reader view in the prior section. In case you want to have the ability to edit a Word document on your Realme C3, you can download and install the Microsoft Word document on your phone.

Open and read an Excel file on Realme C3

Excel files are the reference of the spreadsheet and it can be necessary that you can manipulate the kind of file on your Realme C3. To accomplish this, you can download and install Microsoft Excel on your Realme C3. You will be able to read and modify the tables on your phone.