Import contacts to Orange Rise 30

When you have just acquired a Orange Rise 30, you will probably need to import your contacts to it. Indeed, it is much easier to import his contacts on the Orange Rise 30, rather than copy them by hand. Depending on how you saved your contacts, there are several solutions to import contacts to your Orange Rise 30. We decided to see in this article, the 3 most common approaches. We will initially see the right way to import contacts from a vcf file or a vCard file. We will see secondly the right way to import contacts from the SIM card Orange Rise 30. At last, we are going to learn about how to import or synchronize contacts from a Google Account.import-contact-Orange-Rise-30

Import contacts to Orange Rise 30 from a vcf or vCard file

If you have decided to export the contacts from your old cellphone as a. vcf or vCard file, you will learn about that it is actually easy to import them into the Orange Rise 30. For that, you will have to go in the application contact of Orange Rise 30. Then, go to Settings and ultimately Import / Export contacts . When you are there, you have to select Import from Phone Memory. At that moment, the Orange Rise 30 will instantly detect the files of type vcf or vCard. You then only have to select the import file and confirm. All contacts in the file will likely be imported to your Orange Rise 30. If perhaps you do not know how to export contacts from your old phone, check our guide to save Orange Rise 30 contacts.

Import contacts to Orange Rise 30 from the SIM card

The technique for importing contacts from your SIM card to your Orange Rise 30 is practically similar to the previous 1. For this technique to work you had to have previously exported the contacts from the old cellphone to the SIM card. If it truly is good, go to Contact app / Settings / Import / Export contacts. & Nbsp; Once you are there, select Import from SIM card . The contacts stored on the SIM card will instantly copy to the Orange Rise 30.

Import contacts to Orange Rise 30 from your Google Account

If you wish to be able to easily find all your contacts on your Orange Rise 30, it is possible to import them from your Google Gmail account. In fact, if you have enabled the synchronization of contacts on your old mobile, it will be quite easy to import them on the Orange Rise 30. To accomplish this, you have to go to the settings menu of the Orange Rise 30. Once there, go to Accounts and Google . It is necessary to then be sure that you check the Synchronization of Contacts Tuto option. Once done, you will need to find your contacts on your Orange Rise 30.