How to turn on a Vivo Y55 without the Power button

It may possibly happen that the power button on your Vivo Y55 doesn’t function any longer. Indeed, it is sometimes enough to fall or a little bit moisture for the button to break. When ever this happens, you don’t know how to switch on your Vivo Y55 any longer. Without the Power button it seems hard to turn on a smartphone, however you’ll be happy to find out it is actually not impossible. Indeed, we decided to write this content to show you the diverse solutions. We’ll learn about first the best technique force a boot without Power button. We will see in a second time the best technique do it manually. Finally, we will advise you an app to manage the ignition of the Vivo Y55 without the Power button.


Force the Vivo Y55 boot without a power button

Also in cases where the power button on your Vivo Y55 doesn’t work any longer, it’s still possible to turn on the smartphone. For this you need to perform the following steps:

  • Keep the main button and volume down
  • Keeping the two previous buttons in place, plug in the charger
  • The screen should light up with a special menu
  • Unplug the charger
  • Select the volume down button
  • < The Vivo Y55 will start

When the Vivo Y55 starts, we advise you to go to the step below which is to install an app to manage the start of the Vivo Y55 without power button.

Start by pressing the buttons of the power button

If you are more of a manual type, you can start the Vivo Y55 by unmounting it. We do not necessarily advise you to do this, however know that it may sometimes work. If you unmount the Vivo Y55 and remove the Power button, it is necessary to learn about a tiny step from the Power button. It is actually sometimes possible to tie the start of Vivo Y55 by touching with two metal ends paragraph of the step.

Install an application to manage Vivo Y55 power without the power button

When you have successfully started your Vivo Y55 without using the power button, you’ll have to think of finding a way to do it more quickly next time. That’s why we advise you to download the Gravity Screen app which allows to set up for example a double tap to wake the Vivo Y55. So, also without your power button, you can continue to utilise your Vivo Y55.