How to turn off keyboard sound on Vivo iQoo

Just as with many smartphones, the Vivo iQoo makes a little sound every time you press a key on the keyboard. Usually it bothers people and we can understand it. Indeed, the keyboard sound is not really useful and is not especially discreet. So if you want to be able to write a message during a meeting without the entourage experiencing the sounds of your Vivo iQoo, this guide is for you. We will see first of all the right way to remove the keyboard sound on an Vivo iQoo. We will see in the further tip what the keyboard beep is applied for. At last, for those who desire to change, we will find out how you can change the Vivo iQoo keyboars sound.turn-of-keyboard-sound-Vivo-iQoo

How to turn off the keyboard sound on Vivo iQoo

If you want to turn off the keyboard sound on Vivo iQoo, you will see that it is very easy. To accomplish this, you will have to go into the Vivo iQoo settings. While you are there, go to the Language tab and get into. Once you’re there, you can observe the different keyboards that are used on the Vivo iQoo. You have to choose the default keyboard of your phone and go to Preferences. When you are there, try to find the Sound option at each key and uncheck it. From now on, there might be no sound every time you make use of the Vivo iQoo keyboard.

What’s the goal of the keyboard sound on Vivo iQoo

The keyboard beep is a very annoying thing, but this thing has still a fonction. Indeed, just like the vibration of the keys, the keyboard sound shows the Vivo iQoo user that the phone has understood the command. Well, that’s only for that! So do not be afraid to mute the keyboard sound of your Vivo iQoo.

How you can change the sound of the Vivo iQoo keyboard

If among you there are some who do not desire to remove the keyboard sound, but merely change it, in that case we will see how you can do it. Bear in mind that the keyboard sound is attached with the keyboard that is activated on the Vivo iQoo. Subsequently, if you want to change the keyboard beep, you must change the keyboard. It is not a very complicated operation, merely download one from the PlaySore and install it. Then go to the settings to activate it.