How to open and remove the shell on Oppo A3

Opening the Oppo A3 and removing its hull might be a really beneficial procedure in many situations. If you wish to insert a SIM card or an SD memory card, you may have to turn off the cover and open the Oppo A3. Opening the Oppo A3 is also important when you desire to remove the battery or when you wish to dust off the inside of your phone. We will initially see the right way to find the point that allows to open the hull of Oppo A3. We will observe in a second section the technique to open the hull of Oppo A3.remove-shell-Oppo-A3

Finding the opening point of Oppo A3

If you wish to open your Oppo A3, the initially step is to find the opening point of the hull. To accomplish this, we advise you to consult the operating instructions of your Oppo A3. In the event you don’t have the user manual of your Oppo A3, you may locate it on the net. Many of the time, the method of removing the hull is to slide the hull or to unclip it. Nonetheless, we advise you to be vigilant when doing this step, in order not to affect your Oppo A3. When you have found the opening point of the hull, you will at last have the capacity to open your Oppo A3.

Open the Oppo A3

Once you know where the Oppo A3 opening point is, you will be able to start opening the back part of the hull. To accomplish this slide or boot the rear part of the shell in accordance to the model of your Oppo A3. Once it can be done, half of the hull is removed. This should enable you to access the battery and possibly the SIM card of your Oppo A3. If you wish to turn off the front part of the hull of the telephone, understand that it can be a bit more complicated. For this, we advise you to go in store or in specialized shop.

The safety measures to be taken when opening the Oppo A3

You should know that the hull of the Oppo A3 protects the delicate components that are inside the phone. So, if you decide to open the Oppo A3, you must handle the telephone cautiously. Certainly, the elements just like the battery, the printed circuit boards or the SIM card are delicate. Do not enable dust or moisture to get inside the phone. Install in a clean environment to achieve this.