How to install apps on Vivo Y19

Downloading and installing an app on the Vivo Y19 is definitely essential. In truth, apps are small programs that can considerably facilitate our life on a mobile phone. There are apps for all sorts of things, whether it is for fun, to check email or bank accounts, there is necessarily an app for what you want to do. We will find out in this content, ways to install an application on your Vivo Y19. To start with, we will see what is the typical process for installing an app. In a second step, we will discover what an APK application is and ways to install it. At last, for those who desire to save memory on their Vivo Y19, we will see ways to install and store applications on the SD card of the mobile phone.install-apps-Vivo-Y19

The right way to install an application

The Google Play Store

Whether it is an application to root the Vivo Y19, an app to make a backup of the Vivo Y19, or any other types of app, the method is always similar. To download and install an app or a video game, you’ll need to go through the platform Google PLAY. The PlayStore is a platform created by Google where you can get countless apps and games. Some apps pay off, but there is a huge amount of free apps. You can find and install apps such as: Twitter, Viber, Instagram, Skype, but also games such as Super Mario or Clash Royale. Thus, if you desire to download and install an app on your Vivo Y19, you will need to go through this platform. The Google Play Store comes in the form of an app that’s currently on your Vivo Y19.

Install an application on the Vivo Y19 through the Play Store

You will locate the Play Store app in the application menu of your mobile phone. Now that you’ve located the Play Store app, you can click it to launch it. Now that you have completed that, you merely need to enter the name of the application you desire to download and install in the search bar at the top of the display screen. Then select the application that is in the search results. Now, you will discover the description of the app. There is a description, but also the reviews of the users. Once on the application page, you merely click on the Install button. By doing this action, the application will quickly begin to download and install on your Vivo Y19.

Where you can find the installed application on your Vivo Y19

When the installation procedure is complete, you will be able to find your app on the home-page of your mobile phone or in the application menu.

Tips on how to install an APK application on the Vivo Y19

What is called APK Application is in fact the set up file of the app. Its file format is therefore in .apk. So, if you wish to install an application that is not on your Vivo Y19’s Play Store, you will have to download and use an APK file. If you are in search of sites to download your APK file, you can check out the side of APKMirror, you might find there your happiness.

  • Step 1: Enable authorization for application installation from unknown sources. Whenever you wish to install an APK application on your Vivo Y19, the 1st step is to allow installation of applications from unknown sources on your Vivo Y19. To achieve this, go to Settings / Security / Unknown sources and switch on the option.
  • Step 2: Download the app. The secondary step is to download the APK file with your Vivo Y19 web browser. Now that you have downloaded the file, you can find it in the Download file of your Vivo Y19.
  • Step 3: Installing the APK file. As for the installation, it is rather basic, you just have to click on the APK file and confirm the installation and click Install. Whenever this step does not work on your Vivo Y19, bear in mind that there are apps that install APK files.

Install an app on the SD card of your Vivo Y19

Whenever you desire to go a little further now that you know methods to install an app on the Vivo Y19, we will discover ways to install it on the SD card of the mobile phone. The advantage of this method is that it will be the memory of your SD card that will be used to store the app and its data file. This allows you to free up storage space on the Vivo Y19. To enable the storage of your Vivo Y19 applications on the SD card, go to: Settings / Advanced Settings / Memory and Storage / Default Location and enable SD Card. Thus, all new apps you install will be instantly stored on the SD card.