How to insert the SIM card on Razer Phone 2

Inserting the SIM card into your Razer Phone 2 is crucial if you want to use your cellphone. Indeed, the SIM card allows your Razer Phone 2 to be able to connect to the mobile network and for that reason to make phone calls. However, in case you just bought your Razer Phone 2, it is not always easy to find out how you can put the SIM card. That’s why we made the decision to write this article. We will 1st see what to do before inserting the SIM card in the Razer Phone 2. We will discover how you can insert the SIM card. Finally, we will find out what the diverse types of SIM card.insert-sim-card-Razer-Phone-2

What to do before putting the SIM into your Razer Phone 2

Before you start inserting the SIM card into your Razer Phone 2, it is necessary to check two or three things. First of all, we recommend you to switch off the Razer Phone 2 before you put the SIM card. We also advise you to check if the type of SIM card you have corresponds to the model of your cellphone. Indeed, there are many types of SIM cards and each cellphone is compatible with a specific type. Refer to the last section of this article for more information. Finally, in the event that the tracking of the SIM card of your Razer Phone 2 is on the side, we recommend that you have a pin or a thin and sharp object to open the slot for SIM. If you would like to change the PIN code of the SIM card, please refer to our guide to change the PIN code on Razer Phone 2.

Ways to insert the SIM card into the Razer Phone 2

According to the model of your Razer Phone 2, there are two possible methods for inserting the SIM card. The right procedure should for that reason be 1 of the following.

Method 1: Insert the SIM card by the side of your Razer Phone 2

To insert the SIM card into your Razer Phone 2, 1st find the slot that is generally on the side of the cellphone. It is rather easy to spot it because there is often a small hole next to it. When you have found it, you will have to insert a pointed object into the small hole next to the slot. For example, you can use a paper clip to do so. By pushing into the hole, the SIM card rack should come out. You need to then remove the rack from the slot. Simply insert the SIM card into this rack and re-insert it into your Razer Phone 2. That’s it!

Method 2: Insert the SIM card from the back of the Razer Phone 2

If your Razer Phone 2 will not have a slot on the side, this means that the SIM slot is on the back of the cellphone. The 1st step will likely be to remove the cache on the back of the Razer Phone 2. To do this, you just simply have to unfasten it with your fingertips. Once done, you should find out the location of the SIM card. From time to time the tracking is under the battery. In this case, you need to remove the battery. All you have to do is insert the SIM card into your Razer Phone 2. Be careful to put it in the proper direction, the gold side of the card must be down. Reassemble everything and it’s good!

The different types of SIM cards

There are three diverse types of SIM cards. Indeed, these three types differ in accordance to their size. We thus find:

  • The SIM card: which is of standard size.
  • The Micro SIM card: that is more compact than the standard size.
  • The Nano SIM card: which is really incredibly small. The chip covers nearly the entire surface.

In case you do not have the proper SIM card for your Razer Phone 2, you can ask your operator for another 1. There are additionally adapters which could resolve compatibility issues. Finally, in case you have a standard SIM card, it might be cut to make it into Micro SIM or Nano SIM. At your peril.