How to change the Vivo Z1x ringtone

Changing the ringtone of your Vivo Z1x is crucial if you want to customize your Vivo Z1x. In fact, you may be tired of the original ringtone of your Vivo Z1x. Therefore, it is possible to change the ringtone and even put one of your music. We will see 1st ways to change the ringtone Vivo Z1x through the parameters. We will see secondly how to put one of your music as a ringtone. At last, for those who desire to go further in the customization, we will see the right way to define a specific ringtone for a contact.change-ringtone-Vivo-Z1x

The technique to change the Vivo Z1x ringtone

Changing the Vivo Z1x ringer is a very easy procedure. You will first need to go to the Vivo Z1x settings menu. As soon you’re there, go to the Sound tab, then Phone ring . Once you’re there, you can find the ringtones that are already present on the Vivo Z1x. In the event that you desire to know what a ringtone looks like, you just have to select it to hear an excerpt. Once you have identified the ringtone that you prefer, just check it and validate. If you don’t like the original Vivo Z1x ringtone, go to the next step to make one of your music ringtone.

The technique to set a music as a ringtone on the Vivo Z1x

If you desire to put one of your music as a ringtone, you should transfer this music to a certain folder of your Vivo Z1x. In fact, for the music to show up in the list of available ringtones on your Vivo Z1x, you should put it in the Music folder . For this, you need to use your computer or the file manager of your Vivo Z1x. All you must do is copy and paste the music into the Music folder. If perhaps you do not know how, see our article to copy paste a file on Vivo Z1x. Once done, you really should see your music appear in the Vivo Z1x ringtones list.

The right way to customize the ringtone for a contact

It is occasionally practical to be able to distinguish the calls of your contacts by a special ring. Certainly, if you need the calls of your friend or family members to have a particular ring, be aware that it is possible. To assign a ringtone to a contact, the contact must be saved to your mobile . It means that if the contact is saved on the Vivo Z1x SIM card, this method will never work. If the contact is saved on the Vivo Z1x, just go to the contact card and click Edit . You should after that see a ringtone tab that will allow you to set the ringtone for that contact. That’s it, it’s easy to know who’s calling without needing to watch your Vivo Z1x.