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Changing the SMS ringtone of your Honor 7X is essential if you would like that you can differentiate your telephone. Indeed, like most smartphone on the market, the Honor 7X is under Android. Therefore, everyone has precisely the same ringtone for his messages. So occasionally it occurs that you will not know who the telephone is. So, we will see on this page what are the likely alternatives to change the ringtone of Honor 7X SMS. We will discover first the method to modify the ringing of messages through the phone’s email application. We will discover in a secondary step the technique to modify the ring with a specialized application. Finally, we will discover where it is possible to find free SMS ringtone.change-text-message-ringtone-honor-7x

Modify message ringtone Honor 7X messaging application

Contrary to what 1 might think, it truly is not in the parameters of Honor 7X that one can modify the ringing of the SMS. Indeed, you have got to go through the text message application to get this done. You should open your text message application and just click on Menu. Once you are there, select Settings. Once you’re there, you simply have to go to Select a ringtone. All you have to do is select the ringtone you need. It is possible to have a preview of the ringtone by clicking on it. If you have made your choice, you only have to confirm.

Modify the Honor 7X text message ringtone with a specialized application

If you find that there are not enough ringtone choices for Honor 7X messages, be aware that it is possible to utilise a specialized application. In truth, an application like Drôle sonneries SMS will give you a wider choice of ringtone. When you have installed it, browse the ringtone catalog. If you have made your choice, you may set the ringtone for SMS, MMS, alarms or calls.

Where find free text message ringtones for your Honor 7X

If you want also more free ringtones, there are plenty of apps available on the PlayStore. Among them you can use Sonneries SMS . You simply need to install the application and select the music you need for your messages. These ringtones are often fun and will therefore make the messages of your Honor 7X stand out.