Add a photo to contacts on Lava Z71

Adding a picture on the contacts of its Lava Z71 makes the utilization of the mobile phone much more enjoyable. That’s right, it is usually more nice observe a picture when you are called, than the usual basic name. Thus if you desire to see the photos of your father, your sweetheart, your girlfriend, or your mom when they phone you, know that it’s easy to set up. In fact, we will discover in this article the right way to add a photo on the contacts of your Lava Z71. We will see in a further step if you are interested, methods to automatically assign pictures to your contacts.add-picture-contact-Lava-Z71

Add an image to a contact on your Lava Z71

If you wish to see the picture of the people who are calling you, you’ll be able to see that it is actually easy. To achieve this, you need to go to the Contact app of your Lava Z71. As soon you are there, you need to look for the contact card on which you desire to add a photo and open it there. When you are on the contact card, you will be able to modify the form by clicking on the pen icon placed at the top right of your screen. Once you’re on the contact edit screen, simply click the avatar and your Lava Z71 will then offer you 2 alternatives: Take a photo directly or choose an existing photo . If you go for the first option, you only have to take a picture and then save. If you go for the further choice, the Lava Z71 will take you to the gallery of the mobile where you will just have to choose the right photo. When your selection is done, it is easy to crop the image before clicking OK. All you have to do is save and it’s good! The picture will be displayed the next time the contact phone calls you on your Lava Z71. You can do the test to ensure everything is working.

Automatically assign a photo to all contacts on your Lava Z71

If you wish to set a picture on all your contact but you do not have the courage to get it all by hand, be aware that you can find an app to do it easily. In fact, there are apps such as Contact Photo Sync which let you put a photo automatically to contacts. You wonder how little it works? Well, this application will automatically search the profile photos presented on the social networks of your contacts. Thus , if you’re interested, just download and install the app. You must then set the app by letting you guided by the instructions and the trick is played! All your contacts will have a photo on your Lava Z71.