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New mobile phones just like the Alcatel 3c now allow you to listen to music. So, the phones have gradually replaced the MP3 player. In truth, it is now very easy to transfer and listen to music on its Alcatel 3c. However, it’s sometimes a little challenging to locate the right method to transfer all his music to the Alcatel 3c. We will observe in this tutorial, several solutions to put music on your Alcatel 3c. We will first see how to transfer music from a COMPUTER. We will observe later how to transfer music on your Alcatel 3c, from a Mac. At last we will observe the right way to use the internet in order to send your music on the Alcatel 3c.transfer-music-Alcatel 3c

How you can transfer music from your COMPUTER to your Alcatel 3c

When you have a PC type PC, you will observe that it is super simple to transfer music to your Alcatel 3c. You will need to use the USB cable you employ to recharge the Alcatel 3c. Once you have it, you must connect the phone to the computer. When done, you should observe the Alcatel 3c appear among the removable disks. To access it, simply go to the workstation of your PC. All you should do is copy the music from your PC to your Alcatel 3c. We recommend you to create a specific directory for your music in order to locate them more very easily on your Alcatel 3c. When it’s completed, you just have to use a music player to play the music transferred to your Alcatel 3c.

How you can transfer music from your Mac to your Alcatel 3c

When you have a Mac, the music transfer is almost identical to that on a PC. In truth, you must have the Alcatel 3c power cable and connect it to your Mac. When this is completed you should see your Alcatel 3c appear in the list of devices left in the Finder . All you should do is copy your music to the folder of your choice and it’s completed. Your music is then transferred from your Mac to your Alcatel 3c.

How you can send music through internet on your Alcatel 3c

If you want to use a different method to transfer music to your Alcatel 3c, be aware that you can actually use the internet. In fact, there are software that sync content between your computer and your Alcatel 3c. If you need to use this process, we recommend using Dropbox or Google Drive . To be able to synchronize your music, you will need to start by creating an account on 1 of these two applications. When done, you must install the software on your PC or Mac. Then you have to download and install the app on your Alcatel 3c. When completed, you need to log in to the app and software. You will after that have the ability to send files and music from your computer to your Alcatel 3c.