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It occasionally happens that we forget the pattern lock that we had configured on his Crosscall Element. When ever this happens, the lock screen of the smartphone remains blocked because we can not do the right pattern lock again. If this happens to you, do not worry, your mobile phone is not permanently blocked. There are ways to unlock the Crosscall Element when you have forgotten your pattern lock. We will 1st see how to unlock the pattern lock with your Google Account. We will see on the other hand the method to use the Android device manager to unlock the Crosscall Element. At last, we will see the method to reset the Crosscall Element, if you are still stuck.unlock-forgotten-pattern-lock-Crosscall-Element

Unlock the Crosscall Element lock screen pattern lock with your Google Account

If perhaps you still can not remember the pattern lock you have set up on your Crosscall Element, this is what you must do. You must first do 5 times a bad pattern lock on your Crosscall Element. This will block the Crosscall Element for 30 seconds and should show at the bottom of the screen a button pattern lock Forgotten . Press this button to access the recovery page. Once on this page, you must enter info from your Google Account or your pattern lock PIN . If the info is good, the Crosscall Element home screen will unlock.

Use Android Device Manager to unlock the Crosscall Element

Whenever the previous method won’t work, you may use Device Manager to unlock the pattern lock of your Crosscall Element. To do this, you need to go to and sign in with the Google Account that is associated with your Crosscall Element. Once done, you must click Lock . The interface will then offer you to enter a new password that will unlock your Crosscall Element. You just have to test to see if it works well.

Reset your Crosscall Element if you have a forgotten pattern lock

Whenever the 1st two approaches do not work for you, there is an ultimate technique to unlock the Crosscall Element in case of forgotten pattern lock. This solution is to reset your Crosscall Element. To do this, you will need to start Crosscall Element in Recovery mode and run a Factory Reset . Do not hesitate to consult our tutorial to factory reset the Crosscall Element.