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If you’re tired of Iphones and want to switch to Android, the transition to Archos Diamond S can at times be challenging. Indeed, in the event you switch from an Iphone to an Archos Diamond S, you will have to transfer the list of contacts. As it’s not possible to copy every thing by hand, we will see ways to transfer contacts from the Iphone to the Archos Diamond S. To get this done, there are several solutions, nevertheless we have decided to concentrate on the 2 techniques that are the simplest and fastest. We will find out first ways to transfer contacts from the Iphone to the Archos Diamond S utilizing a Google account. We will find out in a second section, ways to transfer the contacts with an application.transfer-transfer-Archos-Diamond-S

Transfer the iPhone contacts to the Archos Diamond S using a Google Account

Utilizing a Google Account to transfer contacts from your Iphone to your new Archos Diamond S is probably the least difficult. The first section is of course to be creating a Google account. To achieve this, go to Google and register by filling in the requested information. When it is done, you will have to take your Iphone and go in the small settings. When you are there, go to the Mails / contacts / calendars tab . When on this page, you can add the Google Account you just simply created or currently had. When ever you add the account the telephone will offer you several items to sync. All you have to do is choose Contacts and it’s good. The 2nd section will happen on your Archos Diamond S. In truth, it will merely have to go in Settings / Accounts / Google . You will then land on the synchronization page where you only have to check the option Synchronize Contacts . At this point that it’s done, your contacts will synchronize automatically between the Iphone and the Archos Diamond S.

Transfer iphone to Archos Diamond S contacts utilizing an application

As quite often, there is an application that enables you to transfer contacts from the Iphone to your Archos Diamond S. There’s lots of, nevertheless we’ll be interested in the Transfer Contacts / Backup application. The key benefit of this application is that it uses the Bluetooth of both phones to transfer contacts. To transfer the contacts to your Archos Diamond S, you will first of all have to install the application. When it’s done, ensure that you activate the bluetooth on both telephones. All you have to do is stick to the guidelines of the application and you’re done! Your contacts are directly imported from your Iphone, to your Archos Diamond S.