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It may happen that we want to use his Xiaomi Mi7 and the screen doesn’t turn on anymore. When ever this happens, it is very irritating because without a screen, the Xiaomi Mi7 is unusable. Thus that’s the kind of trouble that needs to be fixed very quickly. But do not worry, the fact that the Xiaomi Mi7 screen doesn’t work, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to replace it. To help you and to fix your screen, we decided to draft this post. We will 1st see what you need to control if the screen of your Xiaomi Mi7 doesn’t work anymore. We will see secondly what might be the causes of this trouble.screen-wont-turn-on-Xiaomi Mi7

What to do if perhaps your Xiaomi Mi7 screen wont switch on

Here below are the steps we advise you to do to fix the screen of your Xiaomi Mi7.

Be certain your Xiaomi Mi7 is fully charged

Yes, we know it’s stupid, but it frequently happens that this is the origin of the trouble. We advise you to test that your Xiaomi Mi7 is well loaded. Actually, it at times happens that a cellphone is discharged at once, without being seen coming. Thus, even if you’re sure your Xiaomi Mi7 was loaded before the screen goes off, you have to put it on & nbsp; load. If the screen still doesn’t work, go to the next step.

Make a forced restart of the Xiaomi Mi7

Sometimes it takes a forced start to your Xiaomi Mi7 for the screen to work. When you want to do a forced restart, you must do one of the following two maneuvers:

  • Staying long on the Power button .
  • Hold down the Power button and the Volume Down button for 7 seconds.

Once it is actually done, your Xiaomi Mi7 will restart. You will be capable to see if perhaps the screen starts walking again or not. When it is not, go to the next step.

Be certain the Xiaomi Mi7 screen doesn’t turn on

It’s crucial to understand if it is the Xiaomi Mi7 screen that doesn’t work anymore. Indeed, it is also possible that the problem comes on the other hand. In order to verify if perhaps the screen is dysfunctional, we invite you to restart your Xiaomi Mi7. When ever it starts, you have to feel a vibration, hear a sound or the led Xiaomi Mi7 should come on. In the event you notice one of these 3 circumstances, it proves that the Xiaomi Mi7 is started and that the screen doesn’t work. In the event you do not see any of these situations, it implies that the trouble doesn’t necessarily sourced from the screen.

Change the Xiaomi Mi7 screen

In the event that the prior step allowed you to confirm that it is the Xiaomi Mi7 screen that doesn’t work, it implies that it is a hardware trouble. In this case, it will unfortunately be crucial to modify the Xiaomi Mi7 screen. For this, we advise you to go to a specific shop.

What can induce a screen that doesn’t switch on a Xiaomi Mi7

There might be a multitude of causes that may induce a screen that no longer lights up. Here below are different possibilities.

Xiaomi Mi7 took water or moisture?

It frequently happens that this is the induce of a screen that works badly. In the event that the Xiaomi Mi7 took the water or in case you found yourself in a very wet environment recently, the problem is coming from there. If that is the case, you can try warming your Xiaomi Mi7 with a dryer and pressing hard on the top of the screen. This can at times repair the screen.

Has the Xiaomi Mi7 fallen?

In the event that your Xiaomi Mi7 has fallen recently, or if the screen is cracked, it is likely that the trouble comes from there. We advise you to go to the store to replace the screen.

Have there been other signs

In the event that your Xiaomi Mi7 has been performing weird things lately, this may have been a sign of a trouble with the OS. Actually, if your Xiaomi Mi7 goes off by itself, whether it restarts alone or other odd things, it is that there is little trouble with the OS. In this case, we suggest you to make a Factory Reset.