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Oftentimes the touch screen of your Logicom Moov doesn’t work anymore. Indeed, in case you have dropped, in the event that the touch screen has cracked, it may possibly happen that the touch of Logicom Moov no longer functions at all. However without the touch of your phone, it is incredibly challenging to do anything. That is why we decided to make this small article to fix the touch of your Logicom Moov. We will 1st see what are the different tips to fix the touch screen of your Logicom Moov. We will see secondly what you need to do in the event that our ways do not work.touch-screen-does-not-work-logicom-moov

Tips on how to repair the touch screen of your Logicom Moov in the event that it doesn’t work anymore?

Make sure the Logicom Moov screen is clean

One of the first things to do when the touch screen of your Logicom Moov no longer works is to check if the screen is clean. Certainly, it may happen that a simple dirt or stain causes the touch screen of the mobile phone to malfunction. You will need to clean the screen of your Logicom Moov before attempting to use touch. Whenever it still doesn’t work, you may go to the next step.

Force restart of your Logicom Moov

When touch screen doesn’t function, oftentimes the solution is to restart the Logicom Moov. However without the touch screen, it is not necessarily easy to restart the phone. That is why we advise you to do a forced restart. To achieve this, you have to hold down the POWER button and the Volume Down button for 7 seconds.

Turn off the SD card from your Logicom Moov

If your screen is not damaged, it can happen that this is an app that’s problematic. Indeed, it may happen that an app comes into conflict with a function of your Logicom Moov and oftentimes make malfunction the touch of the phone. So, if you remove the SD card , you will have the ability to learn about if it is an app that’s at the root of the problem. Whenever this is not the circumstance, you may proceed to the next step.

Turn off the protective film in case you have one

A poorly positioned or worn protective film may oftentimes cause touch screen malfunctions. To make sure that the issue doesn’t originate from there, we advise you to remove the protection of your screen.

What if the touch screen of your Logicom Moov still doesn’t function?

Reset the Logicom Moov

If you have tried all the previous steps and the touch screen of your Logicom Moov still doesn’t function, we advise you to reset your Logicom Moov. Certainly, it oftentimes happens that a reset of the smartphone makes the touch screen function function again. If you have no idea the right way to reset the cellphone, you may read our tutorial: the right way to reset your Logicom Moov

Use the brand’s just after sales service

Whenever still nothing is done, it is that the issue surely comes from the hardware. In this circumstance, we advise you to operate the warranty if it is still possible. If this is not the circumstance, you may bring your Logicom Moov in a specialized shop or make use of the after-sales service of the brand.