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Sharing the internet connection of THL W200s in wifi is an extremely handy feature on the THL W200s. In fact, putting the THL W200s in modem mode makes it possible to share the connection of the telephone with your entourage or with your other devices. So, in case you do not have a suitable Wifi access where you stand, we will see in the following paragraphs the technique to transform the THL W200s into a wifi hotspot. We will 1st discover the technique to enable and configure connection sharing. We will discover in a secondary section what is the connection sharing and what it implies for the THL W200s.Tethering-HotSpot-THL-W200s

The technique to share the THL W200s connection

To turn your THL W200s into a Wi-Fi hotspot, it’s very simple. In fact, it is actually just necessary to execute two steps. The first is to enable connection sharing and the secondary is to configure the network. All you need to do is stick to the two steps below.

Enable Internet Connection Sharing on THL W200s

To share your THL W200s net connection, you’ll first need to enable connection sharing. To get this done, go to the THL W200s Settings menu . When you’re there, you need to go to Wireless and Networks , and then find the Internet Connection Sharing tab. You will then have three choices available to you:

  • Sharing the Wi-Fi connection: for connecting wireless devices
  • USB sharing: when the THL W200s is connected to a pc
  • Share through cellphone bluetooth

If you have made your decision, you just have to test to activate the sharing of the THL W200s connection. When it is active, you should discover a tiny icon appear in the notifications bar.

Configure Wifi connection sharing on THL W200s

At this point that you have set your THL W200s in modem mode, you’ll need to set up the network so other devices can connect. Simply those who have chosen Wi-Fi sharing are affected by the setup. To configure, click Through Wifi under Internet Connection Sharing. When you are there, go to Configure the Wi-Fi hotspot. When you are on this page, you may change the password to connect to the THL W200s network. So, enter the password which you have chosen and validate. Finally, you may also modify the network name in case you wish.

Connect to the THL W200s network

At this point that the network is configured, you may connect to it with other devices. To get this done, you just simply need to bring your system and look for the THL W200s network among the available WIFI networks. If you have found it, you can sign in using the password that you configured. And there you have a decent net connection!

What is Connection Sharing on a THL W200s

To make it simple, sharing a connection means sharing the 3G or 4G connection of the THL W200s with other devices. So it is ideal when you do not have a WiFi connection but you have 3G or 4G network on your THL W200s. This allows you to have a good connection almost everywhere. Warning: Note that THL W200s’s connection share uses mobile data. This means that the internet usage you are using is deducted from your smartphone plan. Thus, it’s possible to configure a limit on the consumption of mobile data. Thus, after a specific limit, the THL W200s hotspot wifi turn off.