Pocophone X4 Pro Wifi keeps disconnecting

The wifi connection of the Pocophone X4 Pro is almost indispensable. Indeed, it’s because of her that you will be able to have access to the web and carry out tasks that need wifi, such as the app update. That is why it truly is constantly a hassle once the wifi of your Pocophone X4 Pro disconnects itself . Thus, there can be a lot of reasons once the wifi of a Pocophone X4 Pro keeps disconnecting itself. We will first see the location settings to check. We will see secondly that the applications can be at the origin of the issue. At last, we will see issues with updates.wifi-keeps-disconnecting-pocophone-x4-pro

Pocophone X4 Pro’s wifi is disconnected thanks to GPS location

If you notice that your Pocophone X4 Pro’s wifi connects and disconnects itself quite typically, we perhaps know what’s causing it. In truth, in the event you learn about this on your telephone, it’s perhaps the parameter: IMPROVING PRECISION is activated. The latter is a parameter that is used to improve your geolocation utilizing the wifi networks that your Pocophone X4 Pro meets. It happens sometimes that the Pocophone X4 Pro connects and disconnects itself. To find out if this is the circumstance or when you want to disable this option, go to Parameters then Localization then Mode and then High precision . When the option is off, the issue should be solved and you should see the battery life boosted.

Pocophone X4 Pro’s wifi is disconnected due to an application

If the wifi of your Pocophone X4 Pro is disconnected, it’s possible that it’s due to an application. In truth, it can happen that an app comes into conflict with the wifi network Pocophone X4 Pro. To find out if this is the induce of the problem, we advise you to uninstall the applications that have been installed since the issue occurred.

The problem comes from the intelligent wifi of the Pocophone X4 Pro

There exists on a few phone such as the Pocophone X4 Pro an option that is called INTELLIGENT WIFI. This option aims to constantly connect to the wireless network that captures the best. But, when this option is activated, the Pocophone X4 Pro can then connect and disconnect quite often. You merely have to move or two networks at a similar distance for the phenomenon to occur. So, if you want to disable this option, you need to go to: Settings> Wifi> Advanced Settings> Smart Network.

The wifi is disconnected after a Pocophone X4 Pro update

If your Wi-Fi disconnection problems occur after updating your Pocophone X4 Pro, it truly is likely the issue will be caused by there. If this is the circumstance for you, we advise you to reset your Pocophone X4 Pro after saving the data.