OPPO A57 camera doesn’t work

You may have launched the camera on your OPPO A57 and it displays an error text. Thus, if perhaps the camera of your OPPO A57 no longer functions, regrettably you may no longer take pictures. To resolve this problem, we made the decision to describe to you the steps to follow so that the camera of your OPPO A57 works again. Thus we’ll see what you have to do if perhaps the camera app on your OPPO A57 shows you 1 of the following error messages:

  • Camera is recording
  • Camera failure
  • Camera app is not responding


What to do when the camera does your OPPO A57 no longer functions?

1- Restart your OPPO A57

It is actually the first thing to do when ever the OPPO A57 camera is not working is to restart the phone. Indeed, it happens sometimes that the problem is due to a simple bug. Once this is the case, a small restart will resolve the problem. In the event that it still will not work, you may navigate to the next step.

2- Update your applications

Oftentimes the camera application doesn’t work as it has not been updated . Thus you may update by going to Google Play and finally in My games and apps. In the event that the app is already up to date or it still will not work, navigate to the next step.

3- Empty the camera application cache of your OPPO A57

It could possibly be that the problem comes from the cache of the OPPO A57 photo application. To repair the problem it is actually enough to empty the cache of the application. To get this done, you should go to the OPPO A57 settings menu. When there, click & nbsp; Apps & Notifications, after that & nbsp; View apps & nbsp; & nbsp; Camera. Then go to Storage and simply click Empty cache. Then try to restart the application.

4- Restart the OPPO A57 in secure mode

In the event that non-e of the prior steps work, it probably means that an application that is installed on your OPPO A57 is conflicting with the camera . To understand if perhaps this is the case, you will have to restart your OPPO A57 in secure mode. To learn how, read our tutorial: How you can start OPPO A57 in secure mode. After getting started, you will need to try to launch the camera application. In the event that it functions properly, it means that a recently installed app is in conflict. We consequently advise you to uninstall the latest applications and test if it works.