My Nokia X71 turns off randomly

Sometimes the Nokia X71 shuts off by itself and for no particular reason. It’s very annoying, especially when you’re doing something. Do not get worried, the fact that your Nokia X71 automatically switching off does not necessarily mean that it has a issue. You will find in fact many possible factors for this happening. We will therefore discover in this tuto what can be the factors for the extinction of the Nokia X71 and how to cure it. We will 1st discover the defective and poorly calibrated battery concerns. We will discover in a secondary time that it is possible that the Nokia X71 turn of because it overheats. Finally, you’ll discover issues related to updates and applis.turn-off-randomly-Nokia-X71

The Nokia X71 automatically switching off because the battery is defective

One of the main reasons when the Nokia X71 turns off alone is the battery issue. Certainly, when a cellphone goes off without warning, it is generally a sign that the battery is defective. In the event that you have a secondary battery, you can do the test. In the event that not, there are applications to test the battery status of Nokia X71. This type of issue often occurs on old batteries. So if perhaps your mobile phone is old enough, it is possible that it is the battery. In the event that the problem persists, go to the store.

The Nokia X71 battery is improperly calibrated

It might happen that the Nokia X71 goes out for no reason simply because the battery is improperly calibrated. This means that the mobile phone thinks your battery is more discharged than it actually is. The Nokia X71 then goes out, thinking that it has no battery. If perhaps you desire to resolve this issue, you will need to let the Nokia X71 totally unload. When it is done take out and replace the battery if perhaps feasible. Then connect it to charging and let it charge to the highest possible. So the Nokia X71 should stop dying out for no reason.

The Nokia X71 goes out simply because it is overheated

This is likewise 1 of the prevalent reasons for the extinction of Nokia X71. Certainly, for security reasons, overheated cell phones shut off by themselves. The reasons for the overheating can be many and we suggest you to read our article on the overheating of Nokia X71.

The cellphone turns off simply because Android is not up to date

This is likewise 1 of the well-known concerns that can cause the extinction of Nokia X71. Certainly, if your mobile phone is out of date, it is sometimes likely that your Nokia X71 will go out on its own. It is advisable to therefore verify that your Nokia X71 is updated. Do not hesitate to consult our guideline to update the Nokia X71.

An app makes shut off your Nokia X71

Applis can occasionally bug a cellphone. Certainly, some applis cause bugs on the Nokia X71 and some of it triggers the cellphone to shut off. If the Nokia X71 always turns off when you use the same application, it means that the issue comes from there. All you have to perform is uninstall the application if perhaps it is.