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Oftentimes applications that are installed on the Emporia take up a lot of space. It is actually consequently very practical that you can move the applications to the SD card of your Emporia. Certainly, this allows to totally free up storage space on the phone. To get this done, there are two solutions that may vary based on the phone and the version of Android. We will 1st see the right way to move the applications to the Emporia SD card using the application menu. We will see in a second step the right way to use an application to copy the applications on the SD card of Emporia.move-apps-Emporia

Move apps to the SD card with the Emporia menu

This process will not function on all cell phones. In the event that it will not function for you, you can actually proceed to the second process. To move the applications installed on your Emporia to the SD card, you need to go to the settings menu . Once you are there, go to the Application tab. You will then see all the applications that are installed on your Emporia. You will need to select the application you want to copy to the SD card to open its setup page. You should see on this page a button named: Move to SD card . All you need to do is click on it to copy the application. If you will not see this, you need to use the second process.

Moving applications to the Emporia SD card with an application

There are many applications that allow you to copy applications to the Emporia SD card. The advantage of employing this process is that it allows to move all the applications at one time. Among these applications, we find Déplacer vers carte SD that we have tested and that works incredibly well. We consequently recommend you to install it and to be guided. It’s quite instinctive and simple to use. You will be able to move all your apps to the SD card of the Emporia in a few seconds.