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If you wish to have access to the internet on your ALCATEL 1C, you might need to make use of the 3G or 4G network. It from time to time occurs for one reason or a different that the 4G or 3G network of the ALCATEL 1C is deactivated. In this circumstance, it is impossible for the telephone to connect to the Internet. In case you are in this situation, we will discover how to activate and manage 3G and 4G. We will see at first of all how to activate the 3G and the 4G on your ALCATEL 1C. We will discover in a second section how to activate the mobile data. At last, we will see how to disable mobile data if you need to save your package.turn-on-3G-4g-ALCATEL 1C

The right way to activate 3G / 4G on ALCATEL 1C

If you wish to switch on 3G or 4G on your ALCATEL 1C, you must go to the ALCATEL 1C settings menu. When you’re there, go to the Wireless & networks tab and then Mobile network. When you are there, click Preferred Network Type . You should discover a menu with several options. To activate 3G or 4G on your ALCATEL 1C, you must select: 4G / 3G / 2G auto . This option will enable the mobile phone to automatically connect to the fastest network. If you want to save your mobile data, you may select a different option. For instance, in case you select 3G just, your ALCATEL 1C will just make use of the 3G network and will not connect to the 4G when ever it’s available. So if 4G is not included in your package, this option could be handy.

The right way to switch on mobile data on ALCATEL 1C

When 3G is activated on your ALCATEL 1C, you will have to activate the mobile data to be able to be able to connect to the Internet. To get this done, you only need to scroll down the notifications bar . When completed, go to Shortcuts. You will then find several shortcuts that will make it possible to activate and deactivate lots of things. To activate the mobile data, you just simply need to click on the mobile data icon which is represented by two arrows. When it’s OK, you should discover 3G or 4G next to the network indicator at the top of the ALCATEL 1C screen.

The method to turn off Mobile Data on ALCATEL 1C

In case you are abroad or in case you merely wish to save your data, it’s easy to disable mobile data on your ALCATEL 1C. To get this done, drag down the notifications bar of your ALCATEL 1C. Then click Shortcuts. When you’re there, just simply deselect the mobile data icon. To discover in case it is disabled, the icon has to be grayed out. Thus, your ALCATEL 1C should not connect to the 3G or 4G network.