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Taking a screenshot on his Vivo U10 is really useful in a lot of circumstances. Whether to take a screenshot of a Snap that a friend sent you or to save a web page found on the net. It’s therefore necessary today to find out how you can make a screenshot on your Vivo U10. Do not worry, it’s not complicated! Actually, there are several ways to take a screenshot on a Vivo U10 and we will discover them in this article. We will see at first how to take a screenshot with the help of the buttons on your mobile phone. We’ll find out then tips on how to screenshot with the menu of Vivo U10. Finally, we will at last discover what is the method to perform a screenshot with an

Take a screenshot with the buttons of your Vivo U10

This is probably the best and quickest technique to take a screenshot with your Vivo U10. In fact, to execute the capture, you need to just press 2 buttons at precisely the same time. The buttons to stay on will be able to fluctuate according to the model of your mobile but should look like one of the techniques below:

  • Simultaneously press the Power button and low volume .
  • Simultaneously click on Power button and volume up .
  • Simultaneously click on back and the Power button .
  • At precisely the same time click on the Home button and the Power button .

When the screenshot is completed on the Vivo U10, you should see a sort of flash on the screen of the smartphone, and a slight sound. In the event you do not see or hear that, it means that the capture did not work. It happens occasionally not to press the buttons perfectly at precisely the same time. This is the slight trouble of this way of doing stuff, you must be fairly adroit.

Take a screenshot with the Vivo U10 sleep menu

This solution will not work on all smartphones, however it’s possible that it works on the Vivo U10. The process is for that reason to use the standby menu to use the Screen Capture option. To access this menu, it is incredibly easy, you just simply have to stay click on the Power button of Vivo U10. When you are there, you will observe the standby menu that provides various options including the smartphone reboot or airplane mode. Now, in the event you see a Screenshot option, you just simply have to press it to start the screen copy. If you do not discover this choice, it’s probably not available on the Vivo U10. But do not worry, it is still feasible to make a screenshot without difficulties through applications.

Take a screenshot with an app

If you need an easy technique to take a screenshot with the Vivo U10, be certain that there are plenty of applications that give you the opportunity to do so. Thus we tried for you the app Touchshot which enables to make a screenshot more quickly than with the previously seen techniques. Actually, this application offers the ability to create shortcuts in order to display the screenshot option. This implies to be able to set the app to trigger the capture of the screen once you shake the Vivo U10, in the event you click on the button on the camera or once you touch the notification icon. We must admit it is also more interesting! It’s up to you to determine the shortcut you need and you can make as most screenshots as you need. Do not think twice to read our tuto if you have no clue how to install an app on Vivo U10.

Where screenshots are saved on the Vivo U10

Take a screenshot is quite easy, however you have to additionally have the posibility to find it on the Vivo U10. When you have completed a screenshot and need to share it or transfer it to your pc, you will need to know where it is. Frequently, screenshots are saved to a file that’s accessible from the photo gallery of your Vivo U10. Actually, you have to find a specific directory that includes all your captures. It’s going to be similar location if you utilized an application. At this point you know everything!