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Call forwarding on the Blackview A20 is a really practical option. Certainly, whenever you are in a circumstance where you want to transfer phone calls from one number to another number, this guide is for you. If it is to divert calls from your business cellphone to your Blackview A20 or simply transfer calls from your Blackview A20 to your land line, we will find tips on how to do it. We will see 1st, how to set up a call forwarding on the Blackview A20. In a further stage, we will find out methods to disable call forwarding. To finish, we will see which apps allow to set up and manage a call A20

Set up call forwarding on your Blackview A20

It is highly basic to setup a call forwarding on the Blackview A20. To make this happen, you need to go to the telephone menu. Once you are there, go to Call Settings and then in Additional Settings (in the event that these options aren’t present in the phone menu, you can find them in the menu on the page where you dial your numbers). Once it’s done, go to the Call forwarding tab. On this page you can select the kind of of call you need to transfer. So you have the possibility of transferring voice calls or video calls. Choose Voice Call and you will discover the transfer choices. Automatically, calls are sent straight to your mailbox. Please note the number before change it! Right after it’s finished, you only have to select the call transfer conditions:

  • Always transfer
  • If you are busy
  • If there is no answer
  • If you are unreachable

Once the choice is selected and the destination number is entered, call forwarding is activated on your Blackview A20. It is easy to test to discover if it works.

Disable call forwarding on your Blackview A20

In the event that you desire to disable a call forwarding that you recently setup on your Blackview A20, it’s extremely simple. All you have to do is to go back to the call transfer menu and unselect each choice activated. For every forwarding triggered, merely click on it and opt for Disable. Your phone calls will no more be forwarded.

Use an app to setup a call transfer from your Blackview A20

As frequently, there are as well apps that have the ability to transfer calls on the Blackview A20. Indeed, if the traditional technique does not work or if you want additional options to establish your call forwarding, installing a specialized app can be the answer. Applications just like Call Forwarding offer further options just like the capacity to activate the transfer forwarding only over particular period of time. Several apps even offer the transfer of SMS, which can often be extremely convenient. So you have to install the apps and let yourself be guided. It’s your choice to set up your favorite options for call forwarding on your Blackview A20. If this guide has been beneficial to you, you will most likely be interested in our article: The right way to transfer the photos of your Blackview A20 to COMPUTER / Mac.