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Saving the battery of XXX can be a good solution if you always find yourself running on battery on your XXX. Certainly, by the time that runs and in view of the frequency of use of our cell phones, saving a little battery is not a extravagance. Absolutely everyone was already out of battery in the middle of an evening or at a crucial moment. In case you no longer desire this to happen to you, we have made a small summary of all the techniques that preserve the battery of the XXX. So we will see in the 1st place, what solutions to save the battery. At last, we will see which applications specialize in battery saving.

Our tips for saving the battery of XXX

Decrease the brightness of the XXX screen

The screen of XXX and its backlight are probably the two stuff that pump the most battery on the smartphone. As you will always have to use the screen, your best technique to preserve the battery of the XXX is to decrease the brightness. To accomplish this, we advise you to reduce it manually and not to set it automatically.

Close applications you will not use

Applications are a big source of energy consumption on the XXX. For that reason, we recommend that you close all applications that are not utilized. In addition to this, it truly is also interesting to close the apps that turn in background spot by going into the applications manager. Some applications are more greedy than others.

Disable net if you are not using it

The fact that the 3G or 4G is activated on the XXX consumes battery. Indeed, a simple technique to save battery is to disable the net when you do not use it. You will find out that it saves a lot of autonomy.

Set a hibernate on your XXX

As the screen consumes a bunch of energy, it truly is quite logical that a quick standby of the screen saves the battery. In truth, when you no longer use your XXX, you have a vested interest in the screen turning off quickly. To accomplish this, set the sleep time to minimum.

Put a black wallpaper on your XXX

It’s all con, but it is good to understand that color wallpapers consumes more than a black wallpaper. So whenever you’re willing to sacrifice aesthetics for a bit of battery, you know what else you need to do.

Switch off XXX speech assistance

It can be also a source of probable energy consumption. In truth, if you do not use the voice assistance of Android, nothing is utilized to let it activate. You can actually disable it in the settings, it will always be saved for your XXX.

Utilize fewer widgets

These tiny gadgets that are widgets are very handy but are not very good for the battery life. So the less you have, the better. We recommend you to turn off them and give priority to the use of the applications.

Disable notifications that do not work

Some applications send notifications in profusion and these are not always practical. On top of that, notifications consume a bit of battery. So you may also disable notifications that are not practical to you.

Decrease the use of the vibrator

1 of the last stuff to modify is the use of the vibrator. Contrary to what 1 might think, the vibrator consumes more energy than the sound of your XXX. So you should prefer the buzzer, if possible for you.

Backup the battery of the XXX with a specific app

In case you do not desire to bother with all these manipulations, understand that there are applications that save your XXX battery. In truth, applications just like Battery Saver 2017 permit you to manage all previously viewed settings in 1 place. So you may personalize your settings and save a max of battery! You just have to install the app and let yourself be guided.

Small Bonus for no more battery failure

Also with all of the tricks that we have just seen, it will be possible that your battery is not enough for your use. Indeed, if you use your XXX all day, saving the battery will not suffice you unfortunately. What you need is a second battery. So you will find underneath our selection of the best easily transportable batteries on the market. With that, you will be quiet: