How to root the Alcatel 1V

Root your Alcatel 1V may be highly handy for a multitude of causes. In fact, if perhaps you need to personalize the configurations or if you desire to increase the performance of your phone, you will need to root your Alcatel 1V. Thus we will see first, what is the root of a phone. In a further step, we will see why it may be practical to root your Alcatel 1V. In a other step, we will talk about the subject of security by looking strongly at the risks that a root can trigger a phone. Finally, we will end this tuto by the method and the steps to stick to to root your device.root-Alcatel-1V

Root the Alcatel 1V, what it means?

Root is a technique that removes user rights from your Alcatel 1V. As a result, the root of the Android operating system makes it possible to turn into a superuser and so have more rights on the phone. Switching to superuser with root enables you to access the system files of your Alcatel 1V, a thing that was unrealistic with normal user rights. If you’re questioning why Android cell phones are not root-based, it’s mainly because it would bring about security concerns at the OS level.

Why root a Alcatel 1V

There are many good motives to root Alcatel 1V and they are actually quite numerous. For the most important, the following is a small list of what you can do once your Alcatel 1V is rooted:

  • Remove applications that are originally on your cellphone and as a result free up some space for storage.
  • Modify all types of settings
  • Enhance phone performance
  • Make full backups of your device
  • Find deleted data files
  • Have an Android system customize with custom ROM

Small caution: occasionally people confuse root and reset a phone. If perhaps the difference is not clear to you, we invite you to consult our article to factory reset on Alcatel 1V, to ensure that it is the root that interests you.

Precautions before rooting your Alcatel 1V

Firstly, be informed that rooting your Android device does not eliminate your Alcatel 1V’s warranty, whether you are in UK or Europe. So do not be anxious about that. Alternatively, it is essential to understand that the root causes the modifications of data files essential for the good operation of your Alcatel 1V. So ensure you understand what you are doing before you get started. We advise you to get a guide especially created for your Alcatel 1V.

Methods to root Alcatel 1V

What conditions must be met before you root your phone

Before you start the procedure, you will have to ensure a number of points. Actually, you must first load your phone and be sure that it is loaded more than 85%. You might then download the programs and software that will enable you to root your Alcatel 1V. Depending on the model of your phone, it will be necessary to look at which software is required. If perhaps you do not know how to install an application, you should read the article on install apps on Alcatel 1V. We present below two apps that are suitable with most models. You can nonetheless check if the Alcatel 1V is supported by the application by visiting the compatible devices page.

Root the Alcatel 1V merely with Towelroot

Towelroot is a software that will permit you to root your Alcatel 1V incredibly easily. It functions normally on all Android telephones and might therefore work for the Alcatel 1V. This system uses a flaw of Android which allows to root the device. To set up it, nothing more basic, you just have to download and install it on the Alcatel 1V. It is just necessary to validate that you have approved the installation of unknown source application on your device. Then you basically stick to the process which is rather simple. If you are lost, you will quickly get guides that detail the steps.

Root the Alcatel 1V simply with Kingo Root

In the exact way as Towelroot, Kingo Root is as well an application that enables the root of your Alcatel 1V. With this software, you have the option of running root directly on the phone or from your pc. It’s your decision to see what you prefer. The procedure is identical to Towelroot and there are also many guides with this software.

Root the Alcatel 1V with other applications

There are some other commercial apps that allow to root your Android cellphone. We have not tested them, but you may always try them if the first two methods that we have proposed do not function.