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Sometimes the LG X2 is not well seted up and has problem reading MMS. Certainly, it’s possible that when ever you receive an MMS on your LG X2, it offers you to download it. Even clicking download, it does not always read. So, to read MMS properly and that they appear in your conversations, you need to set up MMS. We will learn about donations as a first section what are the prerequisites to set up playback of your MMS. We will see on the other hand how to play MMS on your LG X2 by configuring a new APN.MMS-read-LG-X2

Prerequisites for setting up and reading MMS on LG X2

In order to be able to set up the reception of MMS on your LG X2, we suggest you to set in good conditions. To do this, initially ensure that you have a mobile phone loaded. Second, you have to disable the Wifi connection of your LG X2, to be able to be connected to the mobile data of your operator. Finally, make sure you have a good network where you are when ever you do the manipulation. If all is well, you’re able to start & nbsp; the APN configuration on your LG X2 by moving on to the next step.

Tips on how to read MMS on LG X2

In order to read MMS on your LG X2, you will have to proceed in two steps. Certainly, the first is to recover the required info for the creation of the APN at your operator. The second is only to create the APN.

Retrieve the required info from the operator

As seen previously, it will be necessary to create an APN to be able to read the MMS on your LG X2. It is not incredibly complicated, nevertheless you will need more info determined by your operator. Whether you are at Orange, Bouygues or SFR, it truly is quite simple to find this info. To achieve this, only type APN MMS configuration + the name of your operator in Google. You have to therefore retrieve info of type: Name / APN / Proxy / etc… Once you have the info, navigate to the next section.

Create an access point to read and send pictures on LG X2

The last section in order to read MMS on your LG X2 is the creation of the camera. To do this, you have to navigate to the Settings menu in LG X2, then Mobile Networks , and lastly Access Point Names . Once you are there, you should create a fresh camera. It is in this page that you will have to enter all the info you have collected in the previous section. When everything is back, you only need to register and activate. You can then do a test to see whenever it functions well.