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Putting an SD card on his Xiaomi Mi7 is not necessarily quite simple. Certainly, it sometimes happens that we can’t find the location to put in the SD card on the Xiaomi Mi7. Nevertheless, add an SD card on your Xiaomi Mi7 is crucial if you intend to add memory to your telephone. Thus, we will see in this guide ways to insert the SD card or Micro SD or Mini SD in your Xiaomi Mi7. We will first see how you can insert the card if the location is on the side of the telephone. We’ll see in a second time how you can put the card if the location is at the rear of the smartphone. Finally, we will see the method to access the SD card from your Xiaomi Mi7.put-insert-sd-card-Xiaomi Mi7

Whenever the location of the Xiaomi Mi7 SD card is on the side
More and more, SD Card slots are on the side of the mobile phone . If this is the case for your Xiaomi Mi7, you should watch a small rack or a small slot on one side of the telephone. If you don’t see anything, it means that the location is behind the mobile and you can go directly to the second part. When you have found the location for the SD card on your Xiaomi Mi7, you need to see a small hole next to it. You will after that need to bring a paperclip or needle to open this rack. Push the pointed object into the hole until the rack comes out. All you have to do is put the SD card in the rack and close it. Be careful to insert the SD card in the right direction.

In the event that the location of the Xiaomi Mi7’s SD card is next to the battery
If perhaps you do not see any location on the Xiaomi Mi7 side, this means that the location is behind your phone’s battery . You must open your Xiaomi Mi7 so that you can put your SD card. You need to first open the hull Xiaomi Mi7. You must then take out the battery to reach the location of the SD card. You just have to insert the SD card or Mini SD or Micro SD and all go up. Switch on your Xiaomi Mi7 and go to the next step.

How to find the SD card files on the Xiaomi Mi7?
Once the SD card is inserted in your Xiaomi Mi7, you will probably want to reach the files that are on it. For this, you’ll need a file manager . As a rule, there is already one installed on your Xiaomi Mi7. You need to find this app and open it. Once done, you will be able to navigate through the telephone files and you will need to find the SD Card or SD Card file to reach the card files.