How to hide his number on Umidigi Z1

If you want to call anyone in a hidden number, you should hide the number on your Umidigi Z1. This way is quite practical as it enables you to call anyone without the person can recognize the number. Thus, when you want to call anonymously, it will be possible to hide your number on your Umidigi Z1. To accomplish this, we’ll learn about that there are 3 different ways. We will 1st see ways to hide his number via the Umidigi Z1 settings. We will see secondly ways to hide its number by adding a prefix. Finally, we’ll see which applications hide your number on your Umidigi Z1.hide-number-umidigi-z1

Hide the number via Umidigi Z1 settings

It’s possible on the Umidigi Z1 to hide his number when calling anyone. For this, you will have to go to the settings menu of your Umidigi Z1. Once you’re there, you will need to go to the Calls tab, go to Advanced and ultimately Caller ID >. When you’re there, just simply check Hide Number to hide your Umidigi Z1 number when you call. If you do not find these options on your Umidigi Z1, there are other solutions that you can find below.

Hide the number with the addition of a prefix when you make the call from your Umidigi Z1

There is a quick and super easy technique to hide your number on Umidigi Z1. Actually, this technique consists in adding a prefix when you dial the number of the recipient of the anonymous call. The prefix informs your operator that you may not want your number displayed. For instance, in case you put the # 31 # prefix before the number you want to call, the number will not be known. Do not hesitate to take a test if you’re not persuaded! Do not hesitate to refer to our tuto if you wish to block anonymous calls on your Umidigi Z1.

Make use of an application to make hidden calls from your Umidigi Z1

If you’d like to call masked with your Umidigi Z1, there are several applications that can do it. These applications often provide additional options. Among them, you’ve the option to select for each call if you wish to hide or not your number. You’re able to as well hide your number only for specific contacts. So, if you wish to use an app like this, we recommend you to use Hide my number which is straightforward to use and works very well. Only download and install the application, and let yourself be guided. You can after that make calls anonymously.