How To Get Emojis On LG Q7

The emojis are present in all of the our conversations. Indeed, if you need to send a message with your LG Q7, it can be always nice to embellish it with an emojis. An emoji will allow you to visually send a communication to anyone. So , if you need that you can customize your emails on the LG Q7, we will see in this article ways to activate and install the emojis on your own LG Q7. We will first see ways to put and use the emojis from the key-board of LG Q7. We can see in a second stage ways to employ an app to have more emojis on your own LG Q7.get-emojis-LG-Q7

Use emojis directly from the keyboard of your LG Q7

Many people are mistaken in thinking that it can be mandatory to install an application on its LG Q7, if you wish to have emojis. In fact , emojis are normally already present on your own LG Q7. Indeed, in the event you make use of the Google keyboard on your LG Q7, it has a good catalog of emoji. Normally the Google keyboard is the default key-board on the LG Q7. If you need to verify that the Google key-board is configured on your phone, you have to go to Settings / Language and Input / Default Keyboard. In the event that the default keyboard is Gboard, it indicates the Google key-board is installed on your LG Q7.

Ways to insert emojis in your LG Q7 messages

At this point that you have verified that you have the Google keyboard on your LG Q7, we will see ways to insert an emoji when you write a message. When ever jots down a message, you should see a little smiley next to the spacebar. You must just click on it to display the emojis catalog. When you are on this page, just scroll through the emojis and select the 1 you like. By opting for an emoji, it easily integrates with your message. Now, you know ways to have and insert an emoji into your messages of your LG Q7.

Install an application to have a wider selection of emoji

If you need to have a bigger choice of emoji on your LG Q7, or in the event you simply do not like emojis of origins. You can get applications that offer an also bigger catalog of emoji. The emojis are usually built into the keyboard you employ to send your messages. So , if you need different emojis, it is advisable to install a different keyboard on your own LG Q7. For that, do not forget to consult our article to change keyboard on LG Q7. Regarding the choice of the keyboard, we advise you a keyboard just like SwiftKey Keyboard which is a good alternative to timeless Google keyboard. You will be able to locate all the emojis you want on this alternative key-board.