How to fix Redmi 8 Overheating issues

At times the Redmi 8 overheats and is hot when touched. Do not be anxious, this does not mean that your Redmi 8 has a problem. Indeed, it is quite prevalent that a phone overheats and this may originate from lots of things. Thus, there are many reasons and elements that will cause the Redmi 8 to overheat. We will see on this page what are the reasons for this increase in temperature and tips on how to cure it. We will first see what the sources of overheating can be. We will see in a secondary part tips on how to stop the overheating of Redmi 8. At last, we will see what applications you may install to regulate the temperature of the phone.overheating-Redmi-8

Why does the Redmi 8 overheat?

There may be several causes for the overheating of Redmi 8. You can find listed below all the possible reasons for an overheating:

  • The processor is too busy: An app or applications could be very hungry and the processor may overheat.
  • Redmi 8 overheats whilst charging: If you do not use the original charging cable, the phone might overheat.
  • The battery overheats: Occasionally the old battery overheats. If this is the case, it is a signal that you must change it.
  • The ambient temperature: In case it is extremely warm around you, it is likely that the Redmi 8 has difficulty to cool. Occasionally it gets warm.
  • You are asking for excessive power: It is likely that the Redmi 8 will overheat when you have been playing energy-hungry games for some time or when you are exercising an activity that necessitates a lot of electric power. As an example: film in HD for several minutes.

If your Redmi 8 restarts or turns off when it overheats, it’s normal. Indeed, it is a security procedure that turns off the system to ensure the temperature doesn’t damage the phone.

Tips on how to stop the Redmi 8 from overheating

Depending on the source of the overheating on Redmi 8, the answers will be different. Here are the answers according to the problems.

  • Whenever the processor is too busy: You can close the applications that are open on the Redmi 8 1 by 1 and observe if the phone cools down.
  • If the Redmi 8 overheats while charging: Make use of the original charging cable in case you have it. If you no longer have it, try using another cable.
  • If the battery overheats: Install an app that could control the temperature of the Redmi 8 battery. If it remains, change the battery before it explodes.
  • Whenever the ambient temperature is too high: Close the applications and keep your Redmi 8 away from the sun for the time it is cooled.
  • In the event that you ask too much power: Take breaks in your games or activities.

Install an app to manage the temperature of your Redmi 8

To learn more on the source of the overheating of your Redmi 8 and to understand its internal temperature, there are applications. These applications enable, among other things, to be able to established maximum temperature thresholds. Additionally they show the Redmi 8’s processor activity and the temperature of the battery. We recommend the Coolify application which is super easy to utilise. Nevertheless, your Redmi 8 must be rooted to use.