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From time to time the screen of Oppo A8 remains black. This trouble can occur in many circumstances. Sometimes it happens after the Oppo A8 falls. Other times, the screen remains black after a start, lock, or sleep. In any case, don’t worry, there are several tricks to fix the black screen of your Oppo A8. For that, it will probably be necessary to examine several points before attempting the diverse techniques. We will find out at initially what things to examine when the screen of Oppo A8 remains black. We will find out in a second time all the tricks to be able to unlock this bad black

What should you check out if you have a black screen on Oppo A8

Before embarking on the techniques, we recommend you to examine the things below in order to better understand where the issue can form. This will provide you good indications of the nature of the issue.

Is the Oppo A8 LED on when the screen remains black?

One of the first points to examine is the small led that is on the top of your screen. If perhaps the LED is red or blue when the Oppo A8 screen remains black, it means that the mobile is turned on. In this case, it is highly likely that the issue originates from the screen.

Is the Oppo A8 charged?

From time to time, a deep battery discharge prevents the Oppo A8 from turning on for a time. Ensure that the Oppo A8 is fully recharged by leaving it connected for at least 1 hour. In the event that after that the LED doesn’t light up and the screen remains black, the issue can possibly result from the electric battery.

Is the Oppo A8 damaged?

If the Oppo A8 screen remains black after shock, after dropping , after being wet , or after breaking , the screen may be broken. In this case, probably none of the tricks below will perform. You will then have to bring your Oppo A8 to a repairman.

How to proceed when ever the Oppo A8 screen remains black?

After examining that the issue emanates from the screen, you can actually try the next tips to unlock the black screen of your Oppo A8. If a trick doesn’t perform, check out the next one.

Plug the Oppo A8 into its charger

The very first thing to accomplish when the screen of Oppo A8 remains black is to put the telephone on. This will make it possible to be serene for any following manipulations. This as well handles the possible issue of a deep discharge of the telephone electric battery.

If possible, take away the electric battery from the Oppo A8

If the Oppo A8 is easily removable, we recommend you to remove the electric battery . This sometimes handles the black screen issue. Hold out a couple of seconds, then turn the battery back on and make an attempt to start the telephone. If the screen is still blocked, check out the next step.

Remove SIM card and SD card

It sometimes happens, without justification, that the SIM card or the SD card conflicts with Oppo A8 and causes a black screen. 1 of the tricks to try is to take away the SIM card and the SD card. When it’s carried out, it is advisable to try to start the telephone. If it works, it means there is a conflict with the SIM or SD card.

Force Oppo A8 to restart

If the screen remains black, the issue often solves with a forced restart . To do this, you must press a number of keys simultaneously. You need to remain at least TEN seconds for the forced restart to run. The key combo will depend on the models but had to be 1 of the subsequent:

  • low volume + power button
  • low volume + power button + cough Home
  • high volume + power button
  • volume top + touch power + cough Home
  • touch power + cough Home

Hang on until the electric battery is empty

At last, in cases where none of the previously mentioned méthodes do the job, you can actually try to let your electric battery discharge. Make sure the electric battery is entirely empty. When it’s done, plug your Oppo A8 into its phone chrgr and try to start the Oppo A8.