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Whether in the wc or in a swimming pool, it from time to time occurs that the Nokia 110 is dropped into the water. However, it isn’t because a cellphone has fallen into the water that it’s inevitably dead. In fact, it is feasible to redo an Nokia 110 that has fallen into the water. To get this done, it is important to respect specific steps. People frequently have bad reflexes and this is what can damage the Nokia 110. We will 1st see the techniques to be taken after the Nokia 110 has fallen into the water. We will see in the second place the common errors that a good number of people make.water-damaged-Nokia-110

Steps to follow if your Nokia 110 fell into the water

Whenever you desire to restore your Nokia 110 in operating order, we recommend that you follow the steps listed below.

Don’t try to turn the Nokia 110 back on after exiting the water

The very first thing to do when the Nokia 110 has fallen into the water is to shut off the cellphone. In fact, if it did not turn off, turn it off without doing any other tricks. In cases where it is already off, do not try to turn it back on for the moment. In cases where the Nokia 110 is started and wet, you might generate a short circuit and therefore toast the cellphone.

Remove detachable components

Once the Nokia 110 is out of the water and turned off, it will have to be disassembled to the maximum. Meaning that it’ll be important to take away the shell, the SIM card, the SD card and the electric battery if possible. Once completed, put all of these things to dry and proceed to the next step.

Aspire the water that is in your Nokia 110

Utilizing a straw, you will have to suck up the water that is contained in your Nokia 110. For this, you simply have to glue the straw over areas like buttons and vacuum. Once you think you have aspired all the water from your Nokia 110, you will be able to start drying it.

Dry the Nokia 110

The fourth step is to dry the cellphone. For this, we suggest you to put it in front of a ventilator several hours. Avoid using solutions that cause the cellphone to heat up or damage the cellphone. Once it is done, we suggest you to leave the Nokia 110 in rice for 24 or 48 hours. The rice will therefore absorb the moisture that stays in the Nokia 110.

Reassemble the components and turn on the Nokia 110

When you have completed the prior steps, your Nokia 110 should be dry. So now you can make an attempt to turn on the Nokia 110. If this doesn’t do the job, we suggest you to hold out a couple of days or to bring the Nokia 110 to a repairman.

What should not be done if the Nokia 110 has fallen into the water

You will find several things not to do when your Nokia 110 has fallen into the water. The 1st is to make an attempt to turn the cellphone back on just after. This can demolish the Nokia 110. Following, it is highly suggested not to use a heat source to dry the Nokia 110. In fact, techniques which include oven or hair dryer heat the components and may damage them. Finally, to get the water out of the cellphone, do not shake it. In fact, it could as well damage the Nokia 110.