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Factory Reset your Vivo Z3x can be incredibly beneficial for a bunch of causes. It is occasionally necessary to reset your Vivo Z3x to the factory settings to get a brand-new telephone. Remember that resetting a telephone is not a very complicated action to execute. On the other hand, you should nonetheless be careful about a few points before you begin the restoration of your Vivo Z3x. So we will see at first what’s a factory reset of the telephone and what to be mindful just before getting into the process. We will see in a second time in which circumstance it is beneficial to factory reset your telephone. Finally, we will show you the guidelines to follow to factory reset the device.factory-reset-Vivo-Z3x

What is factory reset for your Vivo Z3x?

Resetting or resetting to factory settings is an operation of resetting all data in your Vivo Z3x. As a result, all data is removed and all options are reset. Basically, this involves that the telephone is just like when you have taken it out of its box. Do not confuse reset and root, which are two entirely several procedures. If you want more details on rootage, you can check with our little guide to root the Vivo Z3x. Caution: whenever you decide to format your Vivo Z3x, it involves that all the data that will be on it will be removed except if it is stored on the SD card. We accordingly suggest you to copy all your essential data to the SD card before setting up the reset of your Vivo Z3x.

In which case is it beneficial to factory reset your Vivo Z3x

If you still hesitate to format your Vivo Z3x, here are some cases for which it is highly useful to do it:

  • If your Vivo Z3x has turned out to be extremely slow and this avoids you from employing it correctly.
  • If you would like to give your Vivo Z3x or if you just want to sell it, restore the factory settings will remove all your data and the telephone will be like a new.
  • If Android bug often and without reason, a factory reset will not hurt.
  • In the event that you have made an update that does not function or conflicts with your phone, factory reset will make your phone back to the original Android version.
  • In the event that you have made errors in the settings of your Vivo Z3x and everything is damaged, factory reset will be your answer.

What you need to do before factory reset your Vivo Z3x

Before you begin the factory reset of the device, we suggest you to do two things.

Make a backup

The initial is only a precaution, but can be practical whenever you encounter problems when you reset it is backing up your device. Really, you can seek advice from our tutorial to backup the Vivo Z3x, if you are mindful.

Desynchronize accounts

The second thing to carry out and which is the most crucial, is the desynchronization of the accounts of your Vivo Z3x. In fact, throughout your use of Vivo Z3x, you almost certainly have registered accounts on the phone. To illustrate, your Google Account, Twitter or Facebook. If you do not take off the synchronization, these accounts will remain synchronized even after the factory reset. Consequently, if you want to remove the synchronization of your accounts, here is the method: You must first of all go into the settings of your Vivo Z3x, then select the Account tab. Once it is completed, choose the account to delete and simply click the three small dots. All you have to do now is select Delete account to desynchronize it. You have to certainly repeat the process for all accounts.

Tips on how to reset your Vivo Z3x

As soon you have done the initial actions, you will now be capable to factory reset the Vivo Z3x. Make sure your Vivo Z3x is at least loaded at more than EIGHTY FIVE% because formatting may take a little time. If you can, we suggest you to leave your telephone connected to mains. To begin the operation, nothing more basic, you need to go again in the Parameters of your Vivo Z3x. Then go to the Backup and Reset tab. As soon this is done, you must choose Reset to Factory Setup or restore factory settings. A confirmation will be expected and once it has been validated, your Vivo Z3x will start to restart. It may restart many times and the process takes some mins. Once accomplished, your Vivo Z3x will be factory reset!

Factory reset your Vivo Z3x with a third-party application

If for some reason you are unable to format Android with the prior procedure, bear in mind that applications permit you to do so. Thus, applications just like Full Factory Reset allow you to do it with merely one click. Just download the application and let yourself be well guided.