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Factory Reset your Oppo Reno 3 may be extremely practical for a bunch of reasons. It is occasionally required to reset your Oppo Reno 3 to the factory settings to get a brand-new cellphone. Be aware that resetting a cellphone is not a highly difficult action to accomplish. Nevertheless, you should nonetheless be cautious about a few things before you begin the restoration of your Oppo Reno 3. So we will discover at first what’s a factory reset of the cellphone and what to be careful just before getting into the process. We will discover in a secondary time in which condition it is beneficial to factory reset your cellphone. At last, we will show you the techniques to follow to factory reset the unit.factory-reset-Oppo-Reno-3

What’s factory reset for your Oppo Reno 3?

Resetting or resetting to factory settings is a procedure of resetting all data in your Oppo Reno 3. Because of this, all data is cleared and all configurations are reset. Basically, this means that the cellphone is just like when you have taken it out of the box. Do not mix up reset and root, which are two entirely several techniques. If you want more information on rootage, you can consult our short guideline to root the Oppo Reno 3. Warning: whenever you decide to format your Oppo Reno 3, it involves that all the data that will be on it will be removed unless it is stored on the SD card. We consequently suggest you to copy all your essential data to the SD card before starting the reset of your Oppo Reno 3.

In which case is it practical to factory reset your Oppo Reno 3

In the event that you still hesitate to format your Oppo Reno 3, here are some situations for which it is truly useful to do it:

  • In the event that your Oppo Reno 3 has turned out to be extremely slow and this prevents you from employing it effectively.
  • In the event that you would like to donate your Oppo Reno 3 or if you merely want to sell it, restore the factory settings will clear off all your data and the cellphone will be like a new.
  • In the event that Android bug frequently and without reason, a factory reset will not hurt.
  • Whenever you have made an update that does not work or conflicts with your device, factory reset will make your phone back to the original Android version.
  • In the event that you have made faults in the configurations of your Oppo Reno 3 and everything is broken, factory reset will be your answer.

What you need to do before factory reset your Oppo Reno 3

Just before you begin the factory reset of the unit, we suggest you to do 2 things.

Make a backup

The initial is just a precaution, but can be important whenever you encounter an ıssue when you reset it is backing up your device. In fact, you can seek advice from our guide to backup the Oppo Reno 3, if you are mindful.

Desynchronize accounts

The secondary thing to carry out and which is the most crucial, is the desynchronization of the accounts of your Oppo Reno 3. In fact, throughout your use of Oppo Reno 3, you likely have registered accounts on the device. To illustrate, your Google Account, Twitter or Facebook. In the event that you do not take off the synchronization, these accounts will remain synchronized even after the factory reset. Thus, if you want to remove the synchronization of your accounts, here is the process: You have to first of all go into the settings of your Oppo Reno 3, then select the Account tab. Once it is completed, decide on the account to delete and click on the three small dots. All you have to do now is go for Delete account to desynchronize it. You must of course repeat the process for all accounts.

How to reset your Oppo Reno 3

As soon you have done the preliminary actions, you will now be capable to factory reset the Oppo Reno 3. Be sure your Oppo Reno 3 is at least charged at more than 85% because formatting may possibly take a little time. If you can, we suggest you to leave your cellphone connected to mains. To begin the process, nothing more basic, you will need to go again in the Parameters of your Oppo Reno 3. After that go to the Backup and Reset tab. As soon this is done, you need to choose Reset to Factory Setup or restore factory settings. A confirmation will be requested and once it has been confirmed, your Oppo Reno 3 will start to restart. It may restart some times and the process takes several mins. Once accomplished, your Oppo Reno 3 will be factory reset!

Factory reset your Oppo Reno 3 using a third-party app

If for some reason you are unable to format Android with the previous process, remember that apps permit you to do so. Thus, apps just like Phone Factory Reset permit you to do it with merely one click. Simply download the app and let yourself be well guided.