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Delete the history of its Oppo R15 is a very practical operation. In truth, this enables to erase the footprints of its past navigations. Whether it is to sell your phone, or just to avoid being targeted by ads, delete the history of your Oppo R15 is very basic. There are several solutions to clear the history on Oppo R15. We will 1st observe how you can delete the history of your browser. We will observe how you can delete the Oppo R15 history with the CCleaner app. At last, we will observe how you can clear the call history of your Oppo R15.delete-history-Oppo-R15

Delete browsers history on your Oppo R15

Clear Google Chrome history on your Oppo R15

If you make use of Google Chrome on your Oppo R15 and wish to delete the history, you will need to 1st open the browser. Once completed, you have to go to the browser menu. You should then go to Advanced Settings and then in Privacy . Google Chrome will then offer you the potential of having the capability to erase all the data of navigation. You just have to just click the Erase Navigation Data option, and then click Clear . At the end of this action, the history of Oppo R15 is deleted!

Clear Firefox history on your Oppo R15

If you use the Firefox browser on your Oppo R15, the procedure to clear the history is practically similar. To accomplish this, you will need to launch the browser and display the menu by hitting on the top right of the page. Once it’s completed, go into Privacy, then in Clear Private Data . All you must do is validate and the trick is played.

Make use of CCleaner to delete the history of your Oppo R15

CCleaner is an app that permits you to clean your Oppo R15. Among the options of the app, there is the possibility to delete the browsing history of your Oppo R15. If you want to use this procedure, you must download CCleaner to your Oppo R15 and install it. Once it’s completed, open the app and go to the Quick Clean Widget section . When you are there, all you must do is select Browser History to have it erased. CCleaner also permits you to empty the cache of your browsers.

Delete call history for your Oppo R15

If you sell your Oppo R15 and you will not desire the new buyer to have access to the history of your calls, you may delete it. To accomplish this, you will need to go to the phone app of your Oppo R15. Once you’re there, go to the Call Log tab and go to the menu. You should then observe an option that will assist you to delete the call history on your Oppo R15.