How to configure an APN on Pocophone C40

Maybe it happened to you when you went abroad, or when you have changed operators, you can not connect to the web or can not send pictures. If so, it’s probably because of the APN configured on your Pocophone C40. So we decided to write this article to resolve this problem. We will initially observe what a APN is. We will see in a second time how to configure an APN on your Pocophone C40. Finally, we will see in what situations you must change the APN on the Pocophone C40.


What is an APN

The APN means Access Point Name. The APN therefore represents a set of connection data. This connection data allows your Pocophone C40 to connect to the net and receive MMS. An improperly configured APN may therefore prevent your Pocophone C40 from receiving MMS or connecting to the internet. You should know that each operator has a different APN of their own.

The right way to set up an APN on your Pocophone C40

If you want to set up an APN on your Pocophone C40, you need to navigate to the Settings menu. Once you’re there, go to Network and Internet and Mobile Network . You’ll have to go to Advanced Settings and finally Access Point Names . Once you’re there, you have to select the three dots at the top right of the screen and choose New APN . You may then access a form that you need to fill in with the data of your operator. For example, if you are at Vodafone , you must find the Vodafone APN data on the net and copy it into the form. Normally, the APN of each operator are easily findable. You must repeat twice the process on your Pocophone C40. Indeed, you need an APN for internet and an APN for MMS.

In which case should you set up an APN on your Pocophone C40?

Typically, you don’t necessarily need to set up an APN on your Pocophone C40 as this is usually done automatically. However, there are several cases that require the configuration of an APN on your Pocophone C40. This is for example the case if you bought your used Pocophone C40 and that the person who sold it to you was with a different operator than yours. This may also be the case if you’re traveling abroad and therefore change your SIM card.